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    Learn to spend wisely (so you don’t feel guilty afterwards) and set yourself up for true financial freedom in 2020!


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    January 27-31, 2020

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    I'm Katy, your money mentor.

    My goal is to give those of us with inconsistent incomes a way to worry less about money and set themselves up to have more financial freedom in the new year!

    I help creative, freedom seekers make more money, create financial freedom and worry less! Without making unrealistic sacrifices and "budgeting," I can help you stop the cycle of feast or famine, truly know your worth and create a life doing what you love!

  • In 5 Days, you'll learn to

    • Manifest & make more money!
    • Free yourself from debt!
    • Get that next raise!
    • Track your money with ease!
    • Negotiate like a boss!
    • Best way to save & invest!