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    Create more art, music, podcasts, plays, fashion, food, film, TV shows, films, photos, books, beautiful living spaces or your dream business!


    Pay off debts easily...


    Bring in more money...


    Have true financial freedom!


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  • Hello! I'm Katy Chen Mazzara...

    I'm a certified financial coach who helps creative, freedom seekers make more, worry less and create true financial freedom! Without making unrealistic sacrifices and "budgeting," I can help you stop the cycle of feast or famine, truly know your worth and create a life doing what you love!


    Through practical tools and spiritual practices, you’ll empower yourself with knowledge, rid yourself of any money blocks, have a system to pay down your debts and build up your reserves, even without a steady income!


    I’m a creative type, as well, so I’ll speak to you, without any fancy financial jargon and support you every step of the way towards true financial freedom!


    Our parents taught us about money, consciously or unconsciously, and if they've ever told you that "money doesn't grow on trees" or that "money is the root of all evil," or just made you feel that a creative life doesn't pay, then it's time for you to step into your own power and form your own beliefs around money!
    Once you unblock your stories around money, you'll be surprised at the ease & grace money flows!
    You've created vision boards. You've read "The Secret," and other books on manifesting, but you're wondering why you're still not bringing in more money! Well, it's time to apply some practical tools.
    You don't know how to get out of debt, and you believe creative types just aren't very good at money. What if I told you that you don't even have to be "good with money" to bring in more?
    We all have a gift. It's time to share yours with the world. And make money doing it.
    You have nothing to lose and more money to gain!
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    One session may be all it takes!

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