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    It may surprise you, but I'm a financial coach, a money mentor who was never that good at math! I'm a right-brained creative type who loves to write, dance (ballet & hip hop), listen to music, meditate, and read...fiction, non-fiction, spirituality, personal finance books, magazines and even stock prospectuses!


    I'm a 20 year veteran in the media and entertainment industries. As a freelance TV and digital producer, documentary filmmaker and former journalist, I understand the cycle of what it's like to work for a few months, then have to go on unemployment and find another job. Living that lifestyle for 15 years put me on a journey to learn how to manage my finances and change my mind-set from one where 'feast or famine' is a common theme to a mind-set of continuous abundance and freedom!


    I've gone from making $20,800 a year, out of college, with $35,000 in student loan and $3,000 in credit card debts, to paying it all off, using an unconventional method, saving up a year's worth of expenses, and buying my first home, a loft in downtown Los Angeles, all on my own. I'm also contributing to a retirement account that's on track for an early retirement, if I so choose, and now live in a beautiful house my husband and I bought, located in a historic neighborhood in Pasadena, CA called Bungalow Heaven.


    I believe in Love above all else! Love for God, family, friends and for my enemies (which I hope I don't have too many). I also believe in treating people the way I want to be treated (with kindness and respect), and then treating ourselves with the same kindness and respect. I'm passionate in everything I pursue and I'm all about the freedom to pursue what we're all passionate about! I believe that life is an adventure and that we all should take "calculated" risks. As for money, I believe it's a form of energy. How you see and use this energy is how it will reflect back to you. Money also represents freedom, and I want to help you feel and be more free to achieve your most passionate dreams!


    Oh yeah...for people who actually care about this stuff..I'm certified as a financial coach, life coach and recently a trauma-informed master coach (because I believe in a holistic approach to your finances)! I'm also a graduate of the (very rigorous) UC Berkeley Program in Personal Financial Planning. It was a 9 month program where I took classes on the Fundamentals of Financial Planning, Insurance, Investments, Taxes, Retirement and Estate Planning. I had mid-terms and finals for each course, and at the end, I gave a Capstone Presentation on a client for my final grade. All in all, a lot of people says it's like a Masters Program, without the degree.

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