What's the difference between a money mentor/financial coach and a financial planner, and how do I decide which one to hire?

    As I mentioned on the About Page, I'm certified as a life coach and a financial coach. I'm also a graduate of the (very rigorous) UC Berkeley Extension Program in Personal Financial Planning! The difference between the two -- most certified financial planners and investment advisors concentrate on the numbers. They have a comprehensive knowledge of investments, taxes, insurance, and how to create retirement calculations. I have a holistic approach with combining practical tools (like budgeting, debt repayment, retirement calculations, etc.) with spiritual concepts (to overcome your fears and worries) so you can make more money, create your overall financial plan as well as shift your thinking from one of scarcity, meaning living paycheck to paycheck, to one of wealth and abundance. I'm also invested in helping you get to YOUR goals, so I can work alongside your fiduciary financial planner, investment or wealth advisor to release any money blocks, so you can get to those goals faster and with ease.

    If I'm in debt and living paycheck to paycheck, how can I spend more money on a money mentor?

    I hear you! Let's do a free financial assessment first to see if you really need a money mentor. Not everyone does! You may just need to get some questions answered. I also believe in investing in yourself and sometimes you need some assistance to get to where you want to be.

    Since you say money is energy, what are some ways you give back?

    I give to different charitable organizations throughout the year, and I am a financial wellness mentor at ImagineLA, a "not-for-profit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of family homelessness and chronic poverty via a supercharged blend of mentoring and social services."

    I don't really care about money and numbers are not my thing. Will this be boring and painful?

    I'm a creative, right-brained type, who isn't great at math and have to use a calculator. I give you creative and spiritual tools to help you understand your money style and how to achieve your goals without using any financial terms or jargon. Check out this entire website and my blog posts to get a feel for how I write and talk. Clients say I make it FUN and empowering!

    What if I don't have the time to commit to doing the work?

    You don't have to be ready because who really is ready to tackle their finances, BUT you have to be WILLING to do the work. If you're here on my website, it means it's probably the right time for you and that you're ready to get some clarity around your personal finances and to set yourself up for success in future goals. I believe that you always make time for what you value or what you think is important. Plus, with coaching, we can work around your schedule. Everything is personalized for you.

    I'm still young. Don't I have time to deal with this later?

    The earlier you get started, the more money you can earn and the quicker you can become financially free! For example, take Brooklyn and Seattle for example. They're 18 years old. Brooklyn's dad gives her $2000 to start an IRA (an individual retirement account), and she contributes every year until 28. Seattle, on the other hand, goes to college, then to grad school. She doesn't start contributing to her retirement account until she's 28. She puts away $2000 every year until she retires at 68. Let's say they're both earning about 10% interest (which is pretty high, but it's easier for me to calculate). Brooklyn only contributed $20,000 in the 10 years. Seattle saved a total of $80,000. When they both retire at 68, Brooklyn has $1,442,631, while Seattle's account has grown to $885,185. Brooklyn's a millionaire, and she only contributed $20,000 for just 10 years! Time is what makes your money grow like crazy, so it's never to early to start! In fact, it's actually much smarter to start early.

    I'm too old. I'm so close to retirement. Will this still help me?

    Absolutely! Besides time, it also matters how much you start with and the rate of return or interest, and you're most likely making more now than you were at 22 or even 32, and getting really clear about your finances and your money story will help you to earn even more. Also, as soon as you just begin to take action on your finances, you still start to feel more empowered to make decisions that will benefit your future.

    What should I do if I'm scared about my finances, looking at my debts and discussing my money stories?

    It's perfectly normal to feel fear when you want to grow and learn new things. Remember when you first went to college or started a new job? I bet you were nervous and felt fear of the unknown, about whether you'd make friends and if you would succeed. A lot of times, fear comes from the unknown, and the more we dive into our finances, the more our brains calm down and will actually enjoy the process of creating change and growing our accounts and our mentality. Courage isn't the absence of fear. Instead, courage is taking action, despite the fears. Also, I'm here to guide and mentor you every step of the way to release a lot of your fears, so you can learn, grow and have a plan in place so you won't be afraid of looking at your finances.

    What are your values and mission statement?

    My goals for you is what you want for yourself. I'm here to guide you to understand your finances, understand that needs are not the same as wants, and to feel like you know more about all aspects of your financial life than you did before. I believe that everyone can achieve financial freedom and peace of mind...no matter if you're making $50K or $1B! It's all about shifting your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance and wealth. Everything I do is done with:

    1. Love
    2. Humor/Levity/Laughter
    3. Freedom / Independence
    4. Proactive / Action-oriented / Take ownership of your own life
    5. Loyalty/Trust/True community/relationships/friendships
    6. Inner Peace/Growth/Spirituality/Hope/Faith
    7. Intuition/Compassion/Empathy
    8. Health/Vitality
    9. Creativity
    10. Passion/Excitement/Change/Adventurousness/Curiosity