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3 Mistakes Keeping You From Booking

Interview with Casting Director & Coach Mel Mack

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Today, I have a special video interview with my friend, Mel Mack. Mel is a casting director, acting teacher, coach, and proud SAG member since 2000.

As a working Casting Director and actor, Mel knows what it’s like to be on both sides of the camera and how important it is to be teaching cutting-edge techniques for Booking The Audition Room.

It wasn’t until she sat on the Casting side of the table that she discovered what was wrong with many actors during the audition process. Now over 500,000 auditions later, she can pinpoint exactly what needs to be executed, unique to every Actor to Book The Audition Room. She uses Mel Mack Acting Studio as her platform to teach what she wished she knew then.

Mel Mack is also the author of 101 Audition Tips, quick hip pocket tips for the actor, is a featured expert writer/contributor for Backstage, a guest teacher at NYU Stone Street, Binghamton University, Kathy Wickline Casting, and Actors Connection, as well as a CSA panelist.

Mel’s goal is to help Actors feel more confident throughout the audition process, teaching techniques that are simple (yet fast and effective) for making unique and memorable choices in the audition room. I know you'll get a lot of great aha moments from this interview!


You can follow Mel on Instagram or go to her website for more ways to work with her.


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