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5 Things



Scrimp On

When it comes to saving money, there are loads of things you can do. However, there's also some things you shouldn't try to save on.

Because for some things, you get what you pay for and sometimes a good "deal" may leave you very disappointed.

It's important to spend some money on experiences that align with your values, such as a once in a lifetime expense.

And as this contributing post shows, sometimes when you try to save in these areas, it may cost you a lot more in the long run! Let's run through the 5 things you shouldn't be cheap:

A Lawyer

When it comes to all things involving the law, you want to get the best you can get. That doesn't mean the most expensive, but it does mean someone who knows what they're doing and can do it well. At, it advises you to spend some time with the firm you intend to hire, on the phone or in person, ask them all the questions that you have, and make sure you can communicate your needs and feel good about your interaction with your prospective attorney.

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Your Education

Getting a good education will pay for itself in the long run, so it's well worth spending good money on it. Investing in your education doesn't just mean going to college or university; it could be learning a skill or learning a new language. Just think, learning first-aid could save someone else's life, so it's important not to find the cheapest place to learn it.

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A Wedding Photographer

Your photographs are extremely important on your wedding day; they capture the day and give you the best way to remember it forever. It's well worth spending more money on a decent wedding photographer, and then you can save in other areas of the day such as the decorations and food. (I actually wish we had spent more money capturing more of the day and then getting our photographs edited and in different sizes.)

Your Eyes

Your vision is extremely important, and it's worth buying the most comfortable contact lenses or glasses to look after them. These are something you need to wear every day to function and to work and to live so you should allow yourself to spend more money on them and to not only get the best glasses but to get the ones you love the most and that look good on you. Also, now that we're always on the computer, a pair of blue light blocking glasses could save your eyes from a lot of strain and relieve you of headaches. Also, if you're thinking of eye surgery, like Lasik, it's so important to find the BEST surgeon.

Your Teeth

It's also essential to look after your teeth. Invest in a decent toothbrush and good toothpaste. Make sure you floss and brush at least twice a day, use mouthwash and visit a good dentist regularly. (My dentist is the BEST. I've been a patient of Dr. Cesar Segovia's for about 17 years! I hope he never retires.) As we all know, toothaches are so painful and can cause lots of problems, so it's far better to use preventative measures when it comes to your dental health than to try and fix it when it's too late. You also don't realize how important your smile is until you don't like it, and it's something you can become really self-conscious about. So, invest in your smile, and then you'll smile more.