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Money Myth #3 - A Job Is the Way to Financial Certainty

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Last week, I spent a very fruitful time at a virtual retreat for entrepreneurs, hosted by my Business Coach, Dallas Travers. (If you're reading my blog for the first time, welcome!)

At one point during the retreat, someone mentioned that if you wanted certainty, get a job...

Now, I know what this person meant by this, and it made sense in the moment. However, after thinking about it some more, I want to say the idea that a job = a myth.

Back in the day, this may have been true. People (mostly men) worked at one company their entire lives, and then at the age of 55, 60 or 65, they would retire with a pension and sometimes, a gold watch.

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At least, that's what I've heard. I don't know. I didn't live through those times.

Instead, in the age we are living...there are no guarantees.

I've worked for big, small and medium sized companies, and I've worked for myself, and I have to tell you that a job does NOT guarantee your financial future.

In 2002, I was the News Director, at KPFK, a very scrappy public ratio station in Los Angeles.

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The year before, I had won the Mark Twain Award for Best Newscast for coverage of the September 11th terrorist attacks, and I was very proud of the news department I was building.

But when a former boss called me about a News Anchor position at XM Satellite Radio, I took the job and moved across the country to Washington D.C.


Well, I felt flattered she had remembered me, since I was just an intern when she was my boss. The studio was impressive (individual floating sound-proof studios for each "channel"), and I would be the youngest news anchor on the team. However, the biggest reason I left my public radio management position?

The money.

Public radio did not pay very well, as you can imagine, and XM offered me a lot more (double once I negotiated). I also negotiated a great compensation package, which included moving expenses, XM stock options, and a nice signing bonus. I felt like I was moving up in the world.

Well, that lasted about eight months.

Shortly after I had arrived, XM did not gain as many subscribers as they had hoped. So, in October of 2002, the head of XM brought us into the board room, and told us they were laying off the news department. Some people cried.

I just said:

"So, you're telling me that the country is about to go to war in Afghanistan, and you're laying off the news department?"

I was more confused by the decision than sad or mad. However, all of this is to say...a job does NOT guarantee a secure future. I had moved all the way across the country thinking I was on my way, and instead, eight months later, I moved back to my parents' house in Los Angeles.

I often think of this when I start to daydream about how a job would be that much easier.

Because it's not.

Instead, why not bank on yourself? You know how many ideas you've created for other people. You know how hard you worked, staying up late or getting to an office early, or just working around the clock. You can do that for yourself, with usually a bigger return on investment.

I actually think that working for yourself (whether it's a freelance writing gig or as an entrepreneur), you have more of a guarantee!

You're guaranteed that YOU will show up for yourself.

You're guaranteed that YOU can create a mission and vision statement for the company that aligns with YOUR VALUES.

You're guaranteed that you can decide for yourself how you want to FEEL in your business...whether it makes sense to work around the clock to launch a new program or to focus on another aspect of your life that's more important in this season. Not everyone needs or wants the 7 figure business. You get to decide.

A job is just that...a job, where you're at the whim of your bosses and the company's direction. A career is something you get to direct and continue to move in the direction of your dreams.

Also...most importantly, when you are in charge of your financial future...your income potential is LIMITLESS!!!

Let that soak in.

When you work for yourself, there may be more ups and downs, but ultimately, your income potential is LIMITLESS.

With so much Gratitude,

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P.S. If you want to talk about how you can create financial flow in the same way as your creative flow, let's talk. Just go to the schedule link at the top of this page to find a day & time that works best for you. I'm looking forward to helping you find true financial freedom.