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On Saturday morning, I closed the cart on the Financial Freedom for Creatives Club and also the 5 days to financial freedom challenge officially is over. What an amazing two weeks we've had! If you're joining us in the Financial Freedom for Creatives Club, you're in for such an amazing time, and I cannot wait to teach, coach, hold space and create money makeover magic for all of you! Doors will open officially in late October, so please sign up below, if you want to get on the list to get all of the details!

In the membership, not only will you have access to me, but you will get to learn from people like my interview guest today, Louis Barajas!

Louis is one of the top business managers for music artists, athletes, actors and a lot of people in the entertainment industry. Billboard Magazine has listed him as one of the top business managers...for the last three years in a row!

Although he has a lot of celebrity clients, Louis comes from humble beginnings and defies the traditional concepts of a financial and business expert. Louis connects with people through their hearts, their dreams, and the often difficult realities of their lives. Like me, he's not just about the numbers. (That's what I really like him!)

Rather than fixating on the size of the client's bank balance, investment portfolio, or retirement account, his approach has always been to show people how to use their resources to live better lives. His humanity-based financial and business advice works well for family’s earning $100,000, $1,000,000 or 10 million...because most everyone has a deep desire to make a difference in their lives.

Louis has also published 5 books on personal finance and entrepreneurship, and I know you'll learn a lot from our conversation together. Enjoy!

To find out more about Louis Barajas' Business Management firm, go to: For wealth management, you can go to: And for more info on Louis, you can also go to his personal website at:

With so much Gratitude,

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