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Financial Freedom: Smart Money Moves For Independent Creatives

You’re out there making the world a brighter place with your art, words, designs - you name it. But let’s take a minute to chat about something a bit less glamorous but super important: your finances. In this collaborative/contributed post, it’s time to make sure your wallet is as colorful and vibrant as your creative work!


Budgeting vs Tracking

I'm not a fan of budgeting, but I am a fan of tracking. Think of it as the foundation of your financial art piece. The difference? Budgeting is setting an amount each month of how much money you have for each category of spending. So let's say you earn $2000/month. Then you set an amount for all of your spending, like food, utilities, rent, car payments and it all adds up to $2000. Then you try and stick to that amount each month. The trouble with budgeting is -- it takes a lot of discipline, and you need to keep an eye on what you’re spending very closely, monitoring almost daily in order to not go over in any of the categories. This is why I prefer tracking. Tracking is simply just writing down or looking at what's coming in and going out either on a weekly or monthly basis. It's not trying to stick to a certain amount in a certain category. It's just getting more conscious of what you're doing since your income as a creative might be up and down each month, tracking is easier and helps you to know where your money is going. There are also some apps like Fleur that make tracking easier. If you still want to budget though, a lot of clients like YNAB.


Investing In You - Because You’re Worth It

Remember, you’re your own masterpiece. So, investing in yourself? It’s a no-brainer. Whether it’s learning new skills, upgrading your gear, or attending that workshop you’ve been eyeing - it’s all about making ‘future you’ even more awesome. And hey, let’s not forget about an emergency fund. Having a few months’ expenses saved up means you can take those creative leaps without a financial safety net.


Multiple Income Streams: Mix It Up!

Putting all your eggs in one basket? Not the best idea. Let’s get creative with income sources. Painters, how about hosting a class? Writers, maybe dabble in some freelance work? These extra income streams can be your financial backup dancers, supporting your main gig.


Insurance: Your Creative Safety Net

Alright, so insurance might not be the most exciting topic, but hear us out. Protecting your creative biz is key. There are options out there like Tivly commercial insurance that cater to small businesses like yours. They help cover your assets (like that fancy camera or your home studio) and keep you safe from those “just in case” moments.


Networking: More Than Just Schmoozing

Networking isn’t just exchanging business cards; it’s about building real connections. These can lead to collaborations, fresh ideas, and yes, even some exciting financial opportunities. So, whether it’s a local meetup or an online community, get out there and start forming genuine friendships.


Your Online Persona: Show The World What You’ve Got!

In this digital era, not having an online presence is like being invisible. Your website and social media are your virtual galleries, showcasing your talent to the world. A strong online presence can attract clients, collaborators, and even fans. So, polish up those profiles and let the world see what you’re all about!


Keep Learning: Stay Sharp, Stay Savvy

The world of finance is always spinning, and keeping up can give you an edge. Dive into some finance blogs, podcasts, or books. The more you know, the better decisions you’ll make, blending your artistic dreams with financial wisdom.


Final Thoughts

Getting to financial freedom is a journey. It’s about mixing patience, smart moves, and a dash of boldness. By embracing these strategies, you’re not just looking after your bank account; you’re making sure your creative spark keeps burning bright. If you want more details or would like to work with me or learn more in my next FREE online workshop, subscribe below, and I'll send you all of the details!