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Have you lost your job?

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From my friend Laverne McKinnon:

My heart hurts. So many friends and acquaintances are being affected by the massive layoffs happening all across the entertainment industry. And it’s not just Disney —- the job losses are occurring with companies of all sizes. Even though the layoffs have been telegraphed for months, it’s still shocking and distressing when it occurs. Why? Because as humans we hope … and we hope that things might pan out differently despite all signs pointing otherwise.

Laverne is a wife, mother of 2 daughters, an adjunct professor at Northwestern University, a passionate advocate for foster care and adoption, an entrepreneur, coach, and a film and television producer (She executive produced Netflix's Girl Boss, and she has a production company with Kay Cannon who wrote Pitch Perfect and directed Blockers.)

Laverne and I have seen a lot working in the entertainment industry. For me, I was a freelance TV producer for 15 years, so it was always up and down. A show started, and then a show would end. Every time, I would go on unemployment, and then start looking for something new. My friends and family, not in the Biz, would often feel sorry for me when they found out I was "in-between gigs."

So, Laverne and I wanted to talk about how job loss has affected each of us, and how we've coped, as well as how we help our clients...


If you're suffering from a job loss, I want to invite you to a 3 day retreat Laverne and I are co-hosting. We sincerely want to help you to stop suffering and start thriving, finding meaning and purpose again. Click below for all of the details.



With Love & Gratitude,

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