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Top 3 Tips to Survive the Holiday Hiatus

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In last week's post, I suggested that you rest, restore and relax! Today, in just one week before Christmas, I'm going to again strongly suggest you take care of yourself! It's Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and so it's a time to hibernate and restore. So, what does self care look like?

Before I get into that, I just wanted to send a shout-out to all of the women at the WWIRTV Mixer I attended last night. It was a group of amazingly powerful (and fun) women who work as freelancers in television, and I want to acknowledge all of you for the amazing work you're doing!!!

I heard from a few people that they weren't working right now, and I know that this time of the year can be more stressful and difficult to find work. Many companies go on a forced, unpaid hiatus, and this can create anxiety. It may also be why most freelancers have a "feast or famine" mentality. It always seems like when someone calls you about a job, you hear back from 1 or 2 other companies, but when you're not working, the silence is deafening. That's the law of attraction, which I will get into at another time.

Right now, I want to give you a few tips on how to maximize your time, when you're not working, so that it also quiets your mind from worrying. By the way, I'm using the term "hiatus," but this could apply to anyone who's a freelancer (like a musician, actor or dancer) who's in-between gigs.

Hiatus Tip #1: Have a routine. Don't just stay in your PJ's and watch TV all day. Start the morning by first MEDITATING.

This seems very obvious. However, I'm sure you've done this. You're on hiatus, and the first few days, it seems luxurious to stay in your pajamas all day, watch TV, and get delivery. But then by Day 3, you start to panic and get online to search for jobs. You frantically send out a bunch of resumes in the next two days, and then you nervously wait for the phone to ring or for an e-mail to pop into your in-box. You hit refresh over and over again. Nothing.

Your mind starts doing its thang...worry...

...What if I never get another job again? Maybe it's time to look into a side hustle or another career? Who am I kidding? I don't have another real skill. All I know how to do is this. Let me apply for unemployment so I can actually pay my bills....

Now, since energetically, you create from a more powerful place when you're relaxed and in your "flow"... the more worry and stress, the less you can get done and the less magic can be created, such as finding that next gig or writing that book you've always wanted to write! In TV, you know when everyone on set is relaxed and happy, something happens to create MAGIC!

So, stop the worry by first meditating. Don't know how to meditate? One of my spiritual teachers, Christine Hassler, has this magical holiday guided meditation that you can sign up and receive for FREE here. I've been listening to it every morning this week, and it's soooo good!

Hiatus Tip #2: Practice self care.

I started this blog by mentioning self care being super important during this time of year. Now, I must confess, that a year ago, I had a really hard time with this concept. My coaches and spiritual teachers would always bring up self care, and I had NO IDEA what they were talking about or how to do that. I'm a recovering perfectionist, and I liked always DOING rather than BEING.


As mentioned above, being is sooo important, as it keeps us in the PRESENT. When we're in the present, and in the flow, our minds do not worry or get anxious. It's when we go into the past and hit that REGRET button or go into the future and allow our minds to think about the unknown (and usually the worst case scenarios), that's when we worry and get anxious.

Now, what are some ways to practice self care (besides meditating)?

  1. Sleep! Aim to get 7-8 hours of continuous sleep each night. Some people need more. I'm happiest at 8 or even 8.5 hours! (And now that you're not working around the clock on a TV shoot, this is the TIME to get sleep.) 
  2. Get a massage, body work, cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture, or anything that involves human touch and relaxing the muscular, nervous and even skeletal systems.
  3. Move your body! I hesitate to use the word "exercise" as I believe it should be whatever feels the best for everyone and because my shoulder injury I mentioned in last week's blog post was mainly due to working out at Orange Theory. Some low-impact movements include Qigong, Restorative yoga, some forms of Pilates and walking. However, some people love the way it makes them feel to go on a run, take a hip hop class or lift weights.   
  4. Do something you love (by yourself) such as taking a bath, reading a book, journaling/writing, or listening to music. 
  5. Do something you love (with others)! If you're a foodie, find your foodie friend and enjoy every bite at a new restaurant you've wanted to try. If you're a game person, host game night with some snacks at your house. If you're outdoorsy, find a partner to go hiking or to the beach (if you live near one). 

Hiatus Tip #3: Learn or do something you've wanted to do...OR do something where you're not focused on you...

While I'm on hiatus, I like to learn something new or volunteer. I love mentoring, either officially through an organization, or by going to lunch with a few people I've mentored throughout my career. Both learning something new and focusing on helping others will help you to be more present, as well as keep your mind from your own worries.

As mentioned above, staying present keeps you in the flow and helps our minds not wander to the past or future. Plus, both of these things (learning and helping others) helps build confidence and self worth...two things that will help when you do get that call for the next job and you're going to negotiate your next rate.

So relax, restore, and give love and learn. And I WILL get that next job.

I'd love to hear what you end up doing on your hiatus. Please subscribe and comment below! By the way, I'm still offering FREE 1-hour sessions to alleviate any holiday stress (or hiatus stress). Just go here to sign up and then to the schedule link here.

With so much Gratitude,

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