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How to be creative & bring in money!

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Did you watch the Emmy's last night?

What did you think of those who won? Schitt's Creek, Succession? Were you surprised, happy, not happy?

Tyler Perry won the Governor's Award, and when introducing him, Oprah Winfrey called him a "maverick," someone who made it, as an "outsider." Tyler Perry went from being homeless, living in his car to now...a Billionaire, according to Forbes, and it's all because he's made it his mission to own everything...all of his films, TV shows, and even the studio he built on a former confederate army base.

Today, I talk to a "maverick" in her own right, Global Actor Founder Elise Arsenault about the Emmy's, making money being creative and how actors don't need a "survival" job.

Elise Arsenault is an award-winning actor, narrator, producer, director, coach and Backstage Expert, so she really knows her stuff! Her work can be seen and heard on stages, screens and airwaves across the country on television, commercials and film.

She’s known for bringing focus and direction to actors' careers helping them "live where they want + work when they want."

Elise is hosting a FREE MASTERCLASS where you’ll discover the acting job which is hiring RIGHT NOW and the 3 tools you need to book this work!

It's called Your Pandemic-Proof Actor Day Job, and it’s happening this month only (with 3 dates to choose from).

During this LIVE Online Masterclass, you'll learn:

  • The secret day job that is paying actors well on a consistent basis

  • How your acting training and experience has already made you 75-80% ready for this lucrative gig

  • 3 tools you need to begin work in the audiobook industry

  • Why many actors hesitate to do this work and how you can easily overcome technical challenges in order to have an ongoing, flexible income stream

  • How to make your full living from your acting work!

Best of all, it’s totally F-R-E-E.

Hope you check out our interview AND the masterclass!

With Gratitude,

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