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How to Stay Creative When Life Gets Stressful

If you work as a creative, you'll be familiar with many of the unique issues that creative freelancers face. One of the biggest problems that can occur is a creative block. Whether you make your money by painting, designing, or writing, a creative block can send your productivity nose-diving, and no matter how hard you try, it can be impossible to get back into your flow. Unfortunately, as an adult, there are many times in your life when you will face stresses that play on your mind and harm your creativity. This could be the breakdown of a relationship that drags on, causing more upset along the way, or a lengthy court dispute involving an estate lawyer. Whatever the situation, attempting to focus on your work while trying to deal with a stressful time in your life can be highly challenging. But with client deadlines to meet and bills to be paid, taking a break from work is impossible when you are a freelance creative. So, the only alternative is to try and stay creative and learn to manage the stress as best you can. In this contributed post, here are some tips to keep your creativity flowing when life gets stressful:

Channel Your Emotions

Dealing with negative emotions can be challenging at the best of times, but when you have a deadline looming, and your stress levels are already sky-high, it can be even more difficult. One way to stay creative and productive in this situation is to try and channel your emotions. Letting your anger and stress at the situation fire you up to work harder and complete the task can be helpful. Thrashing away at your keyboard despite the situation angering you is an excellent way to stay stubborn and not let your anger and stress get the better of you. Surprisingly, when you have anger and stress spurring you on, you may find you can get your work complete in a sudden burst of energy.

Step Outside Into Nature

While stress can be viewed as a positive feeling if it helps motivate you to take action and get more done, it can also feel overwhelming sometimes. If you are sitting at your desk and not achieving anything, a change of scenery could help. Getting outside into the fresh air and surrounding yourself with nature is beneficial and an excellent way to clear your mind. So, heading to a park, woodland, or even outside into your backyard can make a significant difference to your mindset and spark some new work ideas for you to return to your desk feeling refreshed.

Keep Distractions at Bay

When you are going through an intense period of stress, it can become all-consuming and impact your ability to do anything else. But, if possible, trying to compartmentalize your stressful thoughts and setting them aside for just a couple of hours can be helpful. Allowing yourself to get into the zone and focus on work without your stress interfering can be a powerful way to let go of your worries for a little while.