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Hurricanes & Earthquakes - Oh My!

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What a WILD Sunday we’re having here in Southern California…

First, there was a hurricane that turned into a Tropical Storm.

Then, a 5.1 earthquake shook us for a few seconds.

I never watch the news, but I turned it on today.

And you know what? It was very interesting to see the different reactions.

Surfers in Newport Beach were riding the larger than average waves…

…while other people were buying up as much bottled water and sand bags.

In one of my Facebook groups, someone posted these tips:

1. Stay away from windows. Wind gusts can kick in randomly and shatter glass or flying objects can shatter glass. Especially if you have old, single pane windows.

2. If you’re concerned about water being shut off and you’re in an area that has a probability of the eye of the storm going over your property, clean and fill your bath tub with water. This will allow you to have fresh water to use, should anything that drastic occur. You’ll thank me when you can still flush your toilet with that water!

3. Freeze a cup of water and put a coin or small object on the frozen water. Keep in the freezer. If your power goes out, the coin will sink if the ice melts and you will be able to determine if your food completely defrosted and needs to be thrown out.

4. Freeze water bottles and use that as a way to keep food cold and drink when melted.

5. Gas up your car or charge it fully

6. Charge everything and put your phone on minimal battery use. If power goes out, you can always use your car to charge it when the storm passes until they can get power back on.

7. Don’t go outside. We’ve all seen Floriduh-man. People can get hurt by being curious. Power lines fall and trees can be completely uprooted. Don’t be “that guy”

8. Remember that 39 mph winds can lift a garbage can. So if a gust hits 70mph, things on your patio can easily turn into flying objects

9. If you have a trampoline, flip it upside down and try to weigh it down to avoid it flying into the side of your home or someone else’s or smash a car.

10. If you have a pet, you can use a small plastic pool and put grass in it. That can be used as a place to go to the bathroom until your dogs can go outside.

11. Outskirts of the storm can have tornadoes before the eye is anywhere near you, so be safe.

I get it. Southern California has not seen a hurricane or tropical storm hit land since 1939, so we don't know what to expect or how to act.

It also reminded me of the pandemic when people were either buying up all of the toilet paper in the store or having large gatherings, not wearing masks.

Often, people are extreme when life, Mother Nature or crisis hits.

We act the same way with our money during a crisis.

Most of us “shelter in place…” We start to look at cutting back every little expense, see if we can live off of canned goods or ramen noodle packs, and go into a state of panic, fear and survival mode.

Someone in my membership recently mentioned she had a mini panic attack because she needed to buy shoes but didn’t deem it a “necessity” because it wasn’t food or something else that’s considered a real need.

Has this happened to you? Have you gone into shame or guilt over small purchases because you’re telling yourself you don’t have the money right now, you have credit card debts or when there’s a crisis and it would be very “irresponsible” to buy something or go on a trip?

Or do you over -indulge, telling yourself, the world is going to end someday anyway, so why not enjoy yourself? Or something equally dramatic?

No matter what…these are signs that you’re not in a healthy relationship with money. If you’re in a healthy relationship with a partner, you wouldn’t make decisions out of fear, guilt or shame, would you?

Or in the other example, you’re not an F-boy or girl who will just go and sleep with every single person you see just because “the world is going to end anyway,” right?

Or even if we’re not talking about relationships, you’re not someone who’s going to eat a dozen donuts in one sitting just because the world is going to end someday, right?

So…why are you acting this way with your money?

When we cut back too much, we’re actually going from scarcity into survival mode, and that’s when our bodies tell us we’re in actual danger. It’s why starving yourself sometimes signals to the body to actually store fat, rather than lose it. We’re trying to hold on to the fat, to protect ourselves. And in our brain, we go into fight, flight, freeze or fawn…which means we are not as productive, not as creative, and definitely not able to manifest or bring into our lives what we truly desire.

Instead, when we’re in crisis or there’s stuff happening that’s beyond our control, the only real control we have is over our emotions.

It’s the same thing in our businesses.

When clients are in their own “crisis” mode and saying to you – I can’t afford your service or product right now, or they go MIA on payments, what can you do?

Well, you have to first take care of yourself.

What are your needs? Ask yourself:


“What do I need in this present moment?”

Do I need a good cry?

Do I need to go outside and take a walk?

Do I need to do yoga or dance or shake it out?

Do I need to scream into a pillow?

Do I need to curl up with a good book or watch a good movie?

Whatever it is, you get to do that thing, to build trust within yourself. The more trust you have for yourself, the safer you feel. The safer you feel, the more you’re willing to take risks, which opens up the portal into receiving more opportunities.

Then, of course, you get to have the conversation with your clients or customers, and when you have that conversation, you also get to hold your boundaries and rules. They need to be clear and ask you for what they need, and then you get to decide if that’s something you can honor.

Whenever we are in crisis, we get to ask this simple question of “what do I need in this present moment…” and then to actually honor your needs first. This is the equivalent of putting on the oxygen mask on the plane before you put it onto your child’s. Your needs must be met before someone else’s needs. Otherwise, if you run out of oxygen, then you really can’t help anyone else.

And just in case you didn’t see this on my Instagram

So I was at the beach with my family last weekend – parents, brother, sister-n-law, and nephew (you'll have to go to the IG post to see their photo 😊)…

While we were sitting on the beach 🏖️ laughing, enjoying the breeze, and soaking up the warm sun, this perfect opportunity came up at sunset…

This surfer dude and this girl were standing on the shore, posing just so 🏄🏼…

I took a couple of photos, and this one ended up being the ONE!

broken image

It looks like a scene from “Endless Summer,” right? Love that movie! 😃

The light orb is just incredible, too…

Do you believe in light orbs and spirits? I don’t know, I felt something…

Maybe my family members who have passed? My grandmother and uncle may have been with us on the beach, celebrating as well 😌…

It was just a precious moment… and I wanted to share some thoughts that came up…


Sometimes with creative projects and getting something off the ground or with something artistic and beautiful, it really is about the right time… and the right people coming along…

These two people happen to come along and be in the perfect spot and the perfect pose…

So for me and for any creative-type or entrepreneur going after big goals, it’s about being prepared, having the right opportunities come along, and you taking action and taking your shot…

This moment came out of nowhere, and I took the shot at the right moment! And it turned out to be a beautiful photo…

I don’t claim to have a knack for photography… not even close 🤨…

So when I captured this photo, I was sooo proud of myself!

Yes, because it ended up being a great photo, but more so because it wouldn’t have been a great photo if I hadn’t shown up, immersed myself in the moment, and took action when the opportunity presented itself.

Keep showing up! You’ll be proud of yourself too. 😉🩷✨

Pay attention to the right moments, and then take your shot! Even if it feels scary, I know you’ve got this.

With so much Love, Light & Gratitude,


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