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"I'm engaged!"

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Two clients had major “wins” last week.

One client mentioned that this time last year, he set a goal for 2021 of making $120K. It was a far-reaching goal for him, and it made him nervous to even say it out loud, so he wrote it down and made it a “secret” goal. 

He just hit $180K in his business, and we still have two months to go!

Another client told me… “I got engaged!” 

This “win” isn’t exactly money-related. However, if you’ve been following me, working with me, or reading this blog for awhile, you know that I believe everything is related. 

I’m usually the first person my clients tell about a pregnancy. They tell me even before they’ve told their family. It’s how intimate this financial coaching relationship can get.

And last week wasn't the first time I’ve heard “I’m engaged!” from my clients.

A couple of months ago, a client wrote me this testimonial:

As a freelancer in the entertainment industry, I was feeling stagnant in my career and overwhelmed by my finances. I was also experiencing some turmoil in my personal life, which left me with a sense of dissatisfaction. My work with Katy quickly yielded powerful results. She helped me focus on where I wanted my career and what I needed to do to get there. Since working with Katy, I've forged a new path in my career, reaching levels of success and personal fulfillment I never had before. I have a tangible plan for paying off debts and saving for retirement, and I've experienced a newfound sense of peace and calm in my personal life now that I'm living authentically. I even got engaged! What Katy taught me has been invaluable and I'm so grateful to have her in my life!"

At the beginning, she didn’t think financial coaching was going to work for her. 

She felt like she already tracked her money well, had decluttered and had been doing ongoing work through therapy to address emotional blocks. 

And yet, she was unhappy with the direction her career and finances were going, as well as with some of the relationships in her life. 

I’m sure you can relate. I know I can. Sometimes, we feel like we’ve done soooo much work on ourselves, and yet, we still feel stuck.

That’s when I feel it’s beneficial to work with someone who may be able to see the bigger picture. I know from personal experience that it’s not always easy to see our own “stuff,” because we keep going over and over the same tracks, so it’s familiar to us. And although I believe in therapy, for some issues like money, traditional talk therapy and even straight mindset coaching doesn’t always work. 

I work with clients on a deep spiritual and emotional level, as well as bring in very practical action steps because money is earthly. Humans made up the concept of money. Our soul doesn’t need it, so in order to bring more into your life, you can’t just put up a vision board and the next day you receive a big fat check.

It does take time and being committed to doing the work. It’s not magic, although some clients have said it feels that way. I don’t sprinkle fairy dust, and then your life all of a sudden makes sense. I mean, I WISH I had that power, but then again, I don’t want to be Tinker Bell.

I believe it’s way more magical when YOU do it for yourself. When you understand your own power, your own worth, your own magic, then you create life-long, sustainable change. That’s true financial freedom, and it’s what I want for every client.

As for the client who didn’t think this was all going to work for her, we’ve now been working together for almost a year now, and she’s making the most money she’s ever made in her freelance career. She went from a Senior Producer, when we first met, to now a Co-Executive Producer, working for a showrunner who really values her. And yes, she even got engaged!

If you want to see what your financial freedom path may look like, take my free money personality quiz and get an assessment on what your next steps can be... you'll also get on my list to find out about my free masterclass - the Financial Freedom Method.

With Gratitude,

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