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What to do when the ATM eats your CASH?!

"I feel like a criminal, and I just wanna cry!"

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Last week was Earth Day. My friend, Vaal, tells me an astonishing story of how the ATM eats the cash she just deposited... how she didn't hit the Receipt button because well...she wanted to go "green," it was Earth Day and she's like an Earth Lovin' Mama. But now...she has NO proof she even deposited her cash dollas!! The panic sets in...until a little divine intervention happens...

It's the end of the month and I needed to make a cash deposit, so as usual, I pull up to the ATM and attempt to deposit my earnings for the day. For some reason, this time, the ATM will only accept "check" deposits. Confused... staring at the ATM screen, hoping, if I wait long enough it will suddenly change it's computer 'mind' and let me deposit my cash. That was a solid "no". Ending the transaction, I begin to roll up my window and notice a bright, red ladybug climbing across the ATM. Thinking nothing other than "what a cute ladybug and Spring is here," I head on home after a long day of work.

The ATM screen goes blank and closes the deposit slot...

A few days later, I decide to give it another go and deposit the cash that has burning a hole in my pocket. With my family packed into the car, we pull up to another ATM to make the deposit. Then everything went south, real fast. There was a money miscount, so I ask for my money back to recount it. Instead, the ATM felt I was taking too long, and it asked if I want to extend the time for the transaction. So, I hit 'yes' and then the deposit screen goes blank and closes the deposit slot.

Ummmm....say what?!?! 

My stomach is sinking, and I'm realizing my money, my session payments, my tangible energy was not accounted for and no longer mine.

I check my account like fifty billion times to make sure I am not trippin'. Finally, I had to accept it...the gosh dang ATM machine ate my money, and I have nothing to document what just happened! I thought I'd be 'Green' and not ask for a receipt.


At this point, I'm kinda freaking out and called membership services because it's a Sunday and no one was working at the bank. I filed a formal dispute and drove home, wondering what just happened.

Finally, it's Monday, and I go to the bank branch where the incident occurred. I'm nervous, but relieved that I get to talk to someone face-to-face. Well, if you've ever had a dispute about funds with your bank, then you probably know that the bank keeps their proverbial cards close to their chest.

Until the investigation of a dispute is cleared, you're seen as a potential case of...fraud.

Sooooo...I don't have my money. I feel like a criminal. And I just wanna cry (which I did).

"I feel like a criminal...and I just wanna cry (which I did)."

They told me it will take 24 to 48 hours to hear about the investigation.

I carry on at home and wanting to enjoy the Utah weather, I open our window, not realizing that there was a bug on the window latch, and I almost crushed it. Luckily, my little guy points with his chubby finger and says,


I look and sure enough it was a bug, another ladybug!

"If a ladybug shows up...Something you thought was lost will be making its way back to you."

Since I work with Spirit and use my intuitive guidance often, I knew I needed to look up the spiritual meaning of the 'ladybug'.

As I am reading the description in the book "Animal Speaks" by Steven Farmer, it says:

If a ladybug shows up...Something you thought was lost will be making its way back to you.

My jaw drops.

For the first time in 3 days, I feel a glimmer of hope. I say a brief prayer and ask for the angels' assistance to connect me with someone who can resolve this situation.

I avoid situations like this. I didn't like feeling that I had to stand up or advocate for my money (my personal money block), but it had to be done nonetheless. I'm so glad I followed up because the dispute I filed over the phone had been lost (this occurred during a Mercury Retrograde, LOL), which was why I never heard back from the bank. My Banking Angel, Ryan, streamlined the dispute process and got the money redeposited properly into my account that same day. He was kind, and empathetic to my plight and most of all, he got it done! What a relief!!!!!

After, when all was said and done... I got the money back and I asked the Universe, for real... what the heck was that all about?!

I received that I needed to push through the fear of standing up and speaking out for what was mine.

I grew up with my mom, a single parent caring for two young & physically challenged children (bro, cerebral palsy & sis, aneurysm/stroke) and we survived on limited public assistance. With my family and our situation, everything was a hustle or an under-the-table deal.

We always lived in fear that our home, our utilities and even our safety could get taken away at any moment. Unfortunately, at times it did. I had to hide and often pretend everything was perfect, so the social workers wouldn't get in our business. My upbringing was more than just a money block, this was a deep underlying belief that what I have could be taken at any moment.

Spirit showed me it's more than okay, it's necessary to have fire in your belly, and to remember to ask for divine help. Along the way, the Universe gave me signs that I was going to be okay with the ladybugs and urged me to trust my gut when things felt off.

Spirit was upgrading my faith, and delivering the perfect soul lesson that I can have my own earnings/money and no one can take it away...the abundance will ALWAYS find it's way back to me. It's my Divine right, straight up.

The Universe had my back. I just needed to show up and take guided action.

I give thanks for my ladybug messengers and to Spirit for looking out for me.


*Bonus Wisdom nugget: Make cash deposits to an actual human during banking hours.

Love and Angel Hugs!

Vaalene is an Indigenous Psychic Medium (Tlingit, Unangan and Athabascan nation) who empathically brings forward messages and healing in the highest good for the physical & spiritual wellbeing of individuals she serves via Spirit, Angels + Departed Loved Ones.

She specializes in working with those who have experienced the loss of a loved one so deep that it literally brought them to their knees. She supports children + adults who feel like they were dropped off, abandoned, or wish to return 'Home' to the stars, mentors children + adults to develop their healing and psychic faculties and navigate their life purpose, and provides guidance & insight to those experiencing medical challenges such as unexplained anxiety, insomnia and digestive issues. She's also a proud and sometimes exhausted mom and military wife, who's husband served 12 years in the U.S. Navy SEALS Teams. She's in love with humanity, trees and our Earth and a graduate of Oregon State University with a B.S. in Human Development & Family Sciences. She also wants you to know that music and green smoothies give her life, and she never leaves home without her crystals. She can be reached at

Let us know what you think of this incredible story below. Vaalene and I would love to hear your stories about divine intervention, learning to stay calm and allowing God, the Universe, Spirit to take care of you. Write in the comments below or follow us on social media and comment there! If you'd like to get more money motivations, inspirations, hacks and advice, I'd love for you to sign up below and subscribe. As always, I'm so grateful for your support. 

With so much Gratitude,

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