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Lighten Your Load & Find the Joy

Interview with Life Coach Leslie Keeler Saglio

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A near death experience, a marriage crisis, and multiple surgeries in the last couple of years have led her to embody even more deeply her message and purpose…


My recent conversation with Life Coach and TedX Speaker Leslie Keeler Saglio was nothing less than inspiring and refreshing.


As a distinguished global expert with nearly two decades of diverse experience — from Hollywood executive to startup co-founder and international resident — Leslie has worked with hundreds of clients to help them stop self-doubt so they can get clarity and confidence to ask for what they really want and have the life they truly deserve.

Recognized as one of Barcelona's top 15 coaches, with training in psychology, spirituality, science, and of course, life experience, Leslie also has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.

Leslie's work offers a unique blend of healing and neuroscience modalities which she uses to help her clients create breakthroughs —and has been featured all over the world, including Entrepreneur, TEDx, Apple, University of Southern California Alumni Association, Well+Good, Daily OM, and FOX news.


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Asking for support as Leslie mentioned in the beginning of our conversation is vital... It's vital to your own self-care and mental health, which is integral to nurturing your self-worth.



A note from Leslie...


Maintaining self-worth in adults requires a deliberate and mindful approach. Firstly, acknowledge that external factors like wealth or social status do not determine your value as a person. Focus instead on qualities such as kindness, empathy, and respect for others.

Secondly, address your inner critic by questioning its validity and promoting self-compassion. Challenge negative self-talk by reminding yourself of your inherent worth, regardless of external achievements.

Remember that self-worth is not contingent upon external validation, but rather stems from a deep appreciation of one's inherent worth as a human being. By prioritizing self-care, authenticity, and kindness towards oneself, you can nurture and strengthen your sense of self-worth.


Leslie is hosting a new free 3-day virtual Stress Detox Workshop: 3 Keys to Lighten Your Load & Find Joy in Everyday Life at the end of this month! If this conversation resonated with you in any way like it did for me, save your spot in her workshop by clicking the button below. You won’t be disappointed!



With Love & Gratitude,


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