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Video Interview with CPA Juliana Kennedy

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Last week, I held a zoom call with my clients and Juliana Kennedy, a CPA who specializes in small businesses. We talk about the Stimulus Act (and why listening to the IRS is more important than listening to Congress), PPP loans (her advice on this is very interesting!), how to pay yourself in your business, Quickbooks vs. Freshbooks and of course client questions! If you own a small business - solopreneurs, or have 1-5 employees, this is worth your time to watch.

Juliana Kennedy is a CPA who specializes in small businesses. She helps ignite the entrepreneurial spirit with a Small Business Boot Camp and various educational courses on how to successfully launch a new business venture. Juliana also holds the title of QuickBooks Pro advisor and recently introduced a simplified QuickBooks training program. A native of Ghana, Juliana speaks English, French, Twi, and is currently working to add Spanish to her list of fluent languages. She resides in Chicago with her husband and two children, and spends her free time helping her daughters become successful entrepreneurs with their own businesses while in College.

To schedule a 20 minute FREE consultation for your business with Juliana, Click HERE. She also offers a 90 minute accounting and tax strategy session. If you're a DIYer, check out Juliana's online courses on Quickbooks and an accounting and tax 101 course for entrepreneurs, which you can find HERE.

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