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How to Plan Ahead

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Face of Uncertainty

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Alright, if you've followed the stock market today and last week, it's been a HUGE roller coaster ride, without any of the thrills.

Thursday, the stock market went up, and then Friday, it dropped to its lowest since the pandemic. Overall, it was the worst week since March.

As of this writing today (Monday around noon PST), the stock market is back up, with the Dow Jones gaining 500 points.

If you're concerned and wondering what you should do, Fidelity put together a comprehensive article called "Putting the Election in Perspective."

Big takeaways -- in the short term, we may see more ups and downs, especially if there isn't a clear winner by tomorrow night. However, in the long term, the stock market has returned about the same average returns, no matter which party wins the presidency.

Returns are historical averages. Market performance is represented by monthly data since 1789 (mix of S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and Cowles Commission). Source: Fidelity Investments.

The above graphic surprised me a little that Democratic presidential runs have actually yielded a slightly higher return.

However, that's NOT what I want you to concentrate on.

What I want you to concentrate on is the fact that unless you are day trading, having stocks in your portfolio is for the long term.

It's important to hold on, shifting it into more conservative bonds or holding more in cash, the closer you are to retirement or some other long-term goal, like your child's education in 15 years.

For the most part, it's not about trying to time the market because that's just very hard to predict.

If you sell today (since the market rallied), yes you are selling high(er).

However, you don't know what tomorrow or the next day may bring.

It may be a down day, and then you tell yourself, "Oh I was so smart and sold when it was high." Or it may be an even higher day, and then you kick yourself for selling too soon.

What I really recommend is...don't look at your portfolio this week. I'm going to try not to.

With Gratitude,

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P.S. Please vote tomorrow if you have not.

In every election, I've always said I don't care who you vote for, as long as you vote and make your voice heard. And while that still mostly stands true. This election, I want to quietly (and without it getting "political") urge you to please vote with your conscious and really search your heart. If you pray, pray about it and ask to really look at the character of those who are running.

I talk a lot about voting with your dollars, investing in companies that align with your values.

It's the same when we are voting for a leader.

A leader should possess the characteristics of someone you would want to be in your life, teaching your children.

We should choose someone who has a strong moral character, with a strong marriage filled with LOVE...someone who sees everyone as an equal and not categorize people as "winners" or "losers"...someone who will fight for our lives during this pandemic...someone who will take care of us with basic human rights like healthcare and an education...someone who is a good listener and not just a talker...someone who understands that FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE is for EVERYONE, not just for people with money or those not from "s-hole" countries.

Let's vote for a leader who gives us hope, is willing to learn from experts and grow, who puts community, relationships and friendships above money, power and ego....someone who is compassionate, empathetic and intuitive first, before taking strong, decisive action.

Although there may not be a perfect leader between the two candidates, it's important to weigh these values and see who, in your heart, you really believe possesses these traits.