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Thriving After Job Loss: 7 Seasons of Bosch with DaJuan Johnson

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With the Writers Guild of America in its second week of strikes, the Directors Guild of America starting their talks last week and the actors' union starting their talks in June, we may be facing an unprecendented time in the entertainment industry.

I sat down to talk with Actor and Certified Transformation Coach for Actors, DaJuan Johnson, about the strike, his 7 seasons on the hit Amazon series, "Bosch," and how he went through grief and depression after the cancellation of "Bosch."


Here's DaJuan on the picket line, in support of writers:


photo courtesy of DaJuan Johnson's IG Page

If you're out of work, either due to the strike or because your company has been downsized, you're laid off, fired, or you quit, I'm co-hosting a 3 day retreat called "Thriving After Job Loss," where TV Producer/Filmmaker/Executive Producer/Grief Recovery Specialist Laverne McKinnon and I are going to help you to:

Grieve the loss of your job. This is the first step to getting unstuck. We'll provide you with a safe and supportive space to express your emotions and process your loss.

Discover new meaning and purpose. Job loss can be a time of great opportunity for self-discovery. We'll help you explore your core principles and find new ways to contribute to the world.

Navigate your finances without scarcity and tightness. We’ll provide guidance on how to manage your finances in a way that feels sustainable and empowering. You’ll learn how to shift money fears and make strategic decisions that align with your values.

Empower yourself to move forward. We'll teach you tools and strategies to find new meaning from your job loss experience and to help you regain control and create a fulfilling life.


As DaJuan Johnson mentioned, he was only able to move forward in his career, after he got the support he needed through coaches like me and others. So, I want to be there for you! And it will be even more powerful with two coaches, as well as an incredible community IN PERSON in Los Angeles. For more details, just click below.



With Love & Gratitude,

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