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In today's blog/vlog, we're talking about toxic relationships & attracting love, money or just manifesting whatever you want with the always amazing Megan Thoma (@megan_thoma). 

She's a Certified Master Coach, fellow Elementum Institute Alum, and someone who really walks the talk! She helps women connect to their authentic power, break up with toxic patterns so they can intentionally create deeper, more meaningful relationships.

I wanted to talk about toxic relationships because it's the reason I do what I do. 

I've known three women in my life who stayed in abusive relationships because they had small children and didn't feel like they could get out of their situation because they didn't have their own money, so my mission is to empower YOU to be able to make decisions NOT based on money. 

Instead, I want you to make decisions based on your desires, your dreams for yourself and for your children, and if money isn't in the way, I know you can attract the love, the career and the life you truly are meant to live!

So, enjoy the conversation! Once you watch, will you please comment below and let me know what you think? 


Here are some highlights, if you want to just skip through (By the way, if you ever need a transcript, just email me and we will send it right away!):

3:05 Megan's definition of a toxic relationship being a rollercoaster that you just can't get off.

5:07 Are we talking about abuse? 

6:25 What's a healthy relationship?

7:17 What are the signs that you're in a toxic relationship?

9:16 Toxic relationship and how it's similar to an addiction

11:11 Our unconscious patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors

12:46 How to break those patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors

16:28 Being our own best love

17:25 I share why I wanted to have this conversation about toxic relationships.

20:05 How to attract and manifest love, money, and whatever you want

21:10 Getting into the feeling of what you want

22:43 Have clarity of what you want but leave room for something even greater to come in

25:10 Letting go so that you don't limit yourself

25:36 Can you just put up a vision board to manifest what you want or do you have to take action?

26:41 Once we get clear on what it is and we feel it and we're not attached to the how or the win or the why it's like, once we just know it's happening, then...we can go with the nudges...

27:24 Follow the nudges or that intuition, so you don't let opportunities pass you by 

30:26 Don't think you're a crappy manifestor if you don't get exactly the goal you set out to get...

I know you’ll get a lot out of this conversation about toxic relationships, changing that dynamic and attracting the healthy and the love you deserve! Again, let us know what you got out of the conversation by subscribing and commenting below. 💕 

With Love & Gratitude,

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