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A video interview with Intuitive Business Coach Anna Tsui

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Last week, I got my EIDL "loan" money. Did you get yours? What about your PPP loan money? I haven't gotten that one yet. Have you even applied? This week, I did an interview with the AMAZING Anna Tsui about why applying and asking for help is actually an act of abundance and what this pandemic is teaching all of us, as well as what's next for your business, career and jobs of the future.

Anna Tsui is a business leadership coach, international writer, speaker and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of The Intuitive Business School a program that helps people identify and clear internal blocks to their success in life and business.

Her first book, Shadow Magic: Use Your Fear to Create a Prosperous Coaching Businessshows readers how to overcome their personal self-sabotage and build a thriving career and business. Click HERE to get the first chapter!


I could spend days picking this brilliant woman's brains! Enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed talking to her!

If you love what Anna says and want more, she created a FREE gift (chapters of her book Shadow Magic). Click HERE to get it. You can also reach her by WEBSITE or EMAIL.

With Gratitude,

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