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Weekend in Vegas!

What I Spent & How It Made Me Feel

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I went to Vegas with some girlfriends this weekend! We went to see Janet Jackson, who has a residency at Park MGM. It was also a belated birthday gift to my dad and birthday gift for my mom, so I drove with them and paid for the hotel room!

Janet Jackson Metamorphosis Vegas Residency

Here's what I spent (my friends spent more because they flew to Vegas):

Gas to and from: Parents paid for gas, but I want to say it was about $150 Roundtrip.

Parents' hotel room at the Wynn: $270.98, which breaks down to:

Room Rate - $194

Resort Fee - $45 (what does this really cover?)

Resort Fee Tax - $6.02

Tax - $25.96

Lunch at Yong Kang Street (a Taiwanese dim sum restaurant at Paris Casino): $96.28

Uber rides: My friend paid for this, and I need to reimburse her, but I want to say maybe $20 total?

Dinner at Eataly: $40.66

Ticket to Janet Jackson Metamorphosis Experience: $226.32

Hotel Room at Bally's (where the girls and I stayed): My share was $75.13 for the night.

We also got invited to a club, but we all got in for free! Plus, free drinks! So that was a score.

I'm the one with my eyes closed. LOL! It was the end of the night, and I had been dancing!

So, I spent a little under $900. Was it worth it? YES! How did I FEEL spending on all of those things? Happy. I was living in a lot of my values -- LOVE (for my family and friends), Freedom (to get away from work and studying this one weekend), Vitality (again, it was a mental break from everything, music always makes me happier and also I danced, A LOT!), Relationships/Loyalty (bonding time with girlfriends is always important to me) and Creativity (Just the lights at Janet's show inspired me, creatively!).

So, I have a tracker for you to break down spending like I did above. It's FREE, and you can get it here:

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With so much Gratitude & Love,

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