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What Kayaking Has To Do with Money

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I just spent 4 glorious days camping by a gorgeous lake in Michigan with family...

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It's only the second time I've been camping.

The first time, my husband took me to a private site in Big Sur. This time, we went to a state park campground, where there were a lot of people. 

While kayaking down a river on one of the days, I was thinking about how creating financial flow was actually very similar to kayaking, so I made a quick video:

Here are a few more lessons on how creating financial flow is similar to kayaking down a river:

  • On a kayak, you must paddle. You can't just sit there and expect the water to do all of the work. In the same way in life, you can't just watch TV all day or wait for the phone to ring, without putting in "the work." (I put "the work" in quotes because depending on what you desire, that can mean so many different things.) 
  • This was my first time kayaking, and my husband sat behind me. He taught me the basics and asked me to shout out anytime I saw branches sticking out of the water. He would do most of the "steering," but when he needed help, he would just ask me to row left or row right. So, I believe if you have a guide, it can actually help you to avoid any major obstacles that may get you stuck in the mud, the rocks or even tip over your boat. Financially, if you don't know what you're doing, you could very easily get stuck either not able to get started or once you've reached a certain point, not able to get beyond it. I hear all of the time from clients, "I wish I knew that sooner!" or "You just saved us a lot of time and money." If you want a guide, to avoid getting stuck, or if you are stuck and want a way to get out, let's talk. 
  • I learned that if you wanted to stop or slow down, you row backwards. So, I believe in life and with your money, sometimes you may need to go backwards before you can really get into the flow and move into a place of ease.  Like with huge amounts of debts, you may need to file for bankruptcy, and then start building everything back up afterwards. Or with career transitions, I've taken huge pay cuts at first, to then surpass what I was making before.
  • While kayaking in Alaska, my husband's guide once told him to NEVER try to stop your kayak or try to maneuver yourself by grabbing onto a tree branch because that's the sure way to flip the boat. Now in life and financially...when you're in a tremendous flow, and you're moving a little faster than you're comfortable with, try not to stop yourself. You may be tempted to shut things down, and it may show up in different ways, like Imposter Syndrome. However, if you do try and stop the flow, while it's rushing around you and propelling you forward, then you may actually flip your life into the waters and you'll really get in over your head. Instead, if it's a little uncomfortable, remind yourself that this is the flow you've been waiting for and that a little discomfort means you're growing, to get a coach to help navigate the really uncomfortable feelings and then one final method to slow it all down, is to be in gratitude for the flow you're in currently. Write down what you're grateful for, and then really sit in the feelings. Yes, it really does work.
  • Finally, go with the flow and enjoy the ride! Kayaking is not a results-oriented activity. You may keep going down the river or you can choose to go on shore whenever you need a break or want to stop. When you're really present, allowing yourself to go with the curves and the turns and the way the water (and life) moves, only anticipating what's in front of you, rather than worry about the end result, it makes both kayaking and life that much more fun! Along my kayaking trip, we saw a Blue Heron, two Bluejays, minks, dragonflies, mallards, geese, a a gaggle of goslings and a lot of beautiful homes. So, no matter if you're starting a new job, a new career, in school or starting a business, the more that you're able to go with the flow, the more you'll enjoy the ride and the more you stay present and enjoy the ride, the more pleasant surprises you may encounter along the way. 

With Gratitude,

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