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What's Your Money Personality Type?

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In last week’s blog post, I mentioned that with paying down debts, there’s not a one-size-fits-all plan that will get you there.

It’s the same with getting to true financial freedom.

We’re so different, that’s why it’s important to understand who you are and your money story before you actually get to the practical steps of paying down debt, saving and investing.

So, if you haven’t taken the Financial Freedom Method Personality Quiz yet, please click the button below and do so!

Now, let’s break down each of the personality types! No matter what your type may be, there are some positive and not so positive habits.

Let’s start with the Underearner.

Before she started the club, Melanie was working really, really hard and yet, she was not earning very much. This affected her sense of self worth. About 8 or 9 months into the year-long membership, she got an opportunity to work with another member in the Club AND she was finally getting paid for the hours and expertise she brought to the table. She really understood her own self worth.

Soooo…the ideal version of the Underearner is:

  • Someone who makes what they’re worth (based on the marketplace and their own experience and expertise)
  • Someone who believes that they don’t have to work “hard” in order to make more money.
  • Someone who is capable of articulating what they need and want in a work situation and doesn’t just accept whatever is given to them.
  • Someone who stands in his or her power.

If there was a celebrity version of the Ideal FORMER Underearner, it would be Lizzo!

The ideal version of the Indulger...

  • Someone who spends money only on what aligns with their core values.
  • Someone who understands the difference between “I’ll just buy it because I deserve it” and “I am worthy of receiving all that is good.”
  • Someone who knows that like cake or other sweet indulgences, it’s delightful in moderation and not in gluttony or excess, so there’s no regret.
  • Someone who has healthy ways to release emotions, rather than go on a shopping spree everytime he or she feels lonely, sad, angry or ____ emotion.

This brings to mind two people. One is my friend Leticia. She used to be my shopping buddy. We worked on the now defunct Style Network, and we would look for designer clothes…but at a discount because we were making like $32,000 a year as producers, at that time.

One day, she was telling me how she would always go to the Starbucks drive-thru after a stressful day at work, and it was starting to become a regular, everyday thing. She didn’t love it because it was costly, and she felt like she was gaining weight from the sugary drinks she ordered. She felt like she deserved it though because she worked so hard, but the Starbucks drive-thru just didn’t align with her overall values of health, well-being, and looking good in her designer clothes.

She found other ways to still feel like she could release her stresses, that aligned with her values – which was going to the beach everyday after work and taking her dog for a long walk, while watching the sun set. Indulgent, relaxing and healthy.

I think the celebrity version of the Ideal Indulger is Gwyneth Paltrow. Everything she does is still luxurious - travel, food, and spas. However, they’re aligned with her values and they’re healthy for her.

Tracker Time

I think tracking your income and expenses is very important, and to most people, the Tracker seems like they’ve got their s%@$ together, right?

Most of my clients and members of the Financial Freedom Club do not like to track. Out of the thousands of people I’ve worked with, only 2 people loved spreadsheets and tracking.

But I have to say, those 2 drove their partners a little nuts. Why? Because they went a bit overboard. One of them tracked EVERYTHING, so the spreadsheet was very overwhelming for his partner. And the other person? His wife would tell me – he’s using it as an excuse to not help around the house!

Well, that’s not ideal.

The ideal version of the Tracker is:

  • Someone who tracks income and expenses once a week to once a month in order to understand what they’re working with and tell their money where they want it to go, rather than wondering where it all went at the end of the month.
  • Someone who has faith and an abundant mindset that the money will keep coming in.
  • Someone who loves looking at their numbers, in order to make better decisions AND doesn’t have a need to check accounts daily or multiple times a day out of worry, anxiety or just to make themselves feel better.
  • Someone who has a healthy balance of savings, spending, investing and someone who can have fun with their money, as well as watching it grow and flourish in their accounts!

Sometimes Trackers are not big risk takers.. They would rather keep six figures in their checking or savings accounts, earning less than 1% interest, because it makes them feel safer.

This isn’t a celebrity, but I would say the TV character that comes to mind is Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. Leslie would be great at keeping track of both her personal and governmental expenses and not take too many risks. A government protected savings account (FDIC insured) is where she feels safest.

The ideal version of the Dreamer is...

  • Someone who loves to dream and takes aligned action on their dreams.
  • Someone who doesn’t let fear get in the way of their dreams.
  • Someone who is spiritual and can understand that money is a tool and a resource (not evil or something only terrible people want and have).
  • Someone who is still rooted/grounded, even when sometimes they go to lala land to dream up new ideas and to create fantabulous things!

I would say this fits the character of Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde. Her dream was to go to Harvard Law School and be the type of girl her ex, Warner, would marry, and she ends up really knowing herself and her own worth.

I would say that I’m a Dreamer. I love to imagine what my life would look like a year from now or two years from now, and I take aligned action, as well as manifest my dreams into reality. I would say Oprah is the ideal Dreamer. She's someone who also helps others make their dreams come true too.

The Collector

Finally, the Collector is a client of mine who recently realized that his wine collection no longer mattered, as much as his family and creating true financial freedom for them.

He used to take a lot of pleasure in collecting wine. He had a huge collection, and he was nervous about drinking some of the more rare and expensive ones. He was always saving them for a “special occasion.” One day, he opened up a bottle that he was saving, and you know what? It wasn't good. He waited too long.

This money personality type is almost the opposite of the Indulger. This type of person collects for the thrill of the collection, but rarely enjoys it, and with money, they like to see it all stacked up in the bank, and sometimes there’s too much money in their checking or savings accounts, earning very little interest.


They’re very much like the Tracker in this way. The safest place for them to collect their money may be a secret hiding place in their house or in a very low interest bank account that’s also insured. Investing sometimes also feels too scary for the collector.

However, the ideal version of the Collector is:

  • Someone who has a healthy balance of 6-12 months of emergency savings AND anything beyond that, is in an investment account earning more.
  • Someone who collects out of pure joy and doesn’t let it become obsessive, compulsive and overwhelming.
  • Someone who balances buying what’s necessary with their collection.
  • Someone who can put down the security blanket of a large amount sitting in savings right now, in order to earn more and create a bigger security blanket for later in life.

A character on TV that represents maybe the not so healthy collector is Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. She collects…, what else?

Yes, shoes. Manolos and Louboutins overfilled her closet. At one point, when her building went co-op, she couldn’t afford to buy her place because she said her investments were all in her closet. Since she loved her shoes so much, I would tell Carrie, "go ahead and purchase one when you want to celebrate yourself or for special occasions, and balance it out with a healthy savings and investment account."


Which personality type or types do you think you are? I’m in-between a Dreamer and a Tracker. Go and take the FREE quiz below, and then let me know in the comments!

With so much Gratitude,

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