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How California Law AB5 May Affect Creative Freelancers

Video Interview with Entertainment Lawyer Ned Menoyo

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Now, since I'm going to be giving you amazing content and teachings each day in the challenge, on the blog today, I'm giving you a video interview I did with some of my clients last week. I interviewed Entertainment Lawyer Ned Menoyo about AB5, a new law that passed and started this year that affects "freelancers" in California. Similar legislation is being considered in New York and other states.

Ned Menoyo, founder and President of EEM Law. Ned is an entertainment lawyer who graduated form Northeastern University School of Law, but more importantly, he’s a creative type, like you and me. Ned majored in Theater at the University of Vermont and later got his BFA in Drama from New York University, my alma mater! Ned’s also a musician and an active member of SAG-AFTRA. If you want more information about AB5 and your particular situation in regards to this new California law or just have more questions, you can reach Ned at THIS LINK.

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