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5 Days to Financial Freedom

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Last week's 5 Days to Financial Freedom Challenge was INCREDIBLE! 119 people joined the challenge. 108 people were in the Facebook Group. Adding up all of the abundance manifested...totaled $11,000 or more (depending on how much money it saved...the total could be up to $70,000!!!) Lots of jobs were also received...including this post on the very first day of the challenge...

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More importantly, challenge participants really showed up in a beautiful, positive and engaged way, so they really got the messages and made huge shifts like this person...

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Isn't that just fantastic?!?!

I'm so happy and proud of all of you who signed up and challenged yourself. My heart is so full, and it made for a very nice way to start my birthday weekend. Thank you all who participated, supported one another, and showed up in this strong, vibrant community! Congratulations also to the winners of the challenge!!! Dan or I will reach out today to get some info so you can redeem your prizes!

You can still go through the CHALLENGE this week. We're leaving them up through Friday, so can go back and watch the videos and work through the challenge Action Guides. You won't win a prize from me, but I know you'll win from having knowledge, peace of mind, clarity, and you may even see more money in your bank so many did! Feel free to post your abundance onto the Facebook Group this week, as well!

The party doesn't have to stop. I have a few more ways for you to achieve financial freedom! First, I'm speaking at the Rising Tide Tuesdays Together Event in Los Angeles on February 18, 2020 from 6-9 p.m.. Click HERE for more information.

Next, I'm part of The Limitless Collaborative, a 12 month membership that includes courses on money, relationships, productivity, self care, marketing/PR/social media for your business, health and fitness and so much more! It also includes live coaching from 5 different expert coaches, including me. And you're part of a collective (like our amazing Facebook Group this past week) that supports you on anything you may be working on this year! It's like getting 5 different coaches for a fraction of the price! You can sign up for a Clutter Breakthrough Session HERE with any of the 5 coaches, including me!

Finally, a survey is going to go out this week for challenge participants, and those of you who fill out the survey will get a chance to work with me to uncover and release your money blocks, so watch for that survey in your e-mail inbox.

With so much Love & Gratitude,

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