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BTS of Co-Creating the Rooted Revolution Summit

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Last week I was joined on IG Live by the amazing and beautiful Anna Tsui, who is the person who started the Rooted Revolution Summit. In this video, we talk about her inspiration for this summit, why it was important for her to speak up and call out non-Asian healers who were using Asian modalities, toxic money practices, generational traumas, shadow work, and creating the life and business you love! It's an incredible conversation, so enjoy below...

 That's just the tip of the iceberg. If you relate to what Anna said, join us in this FREE 3 day summit. It's happening this week.

Last week, I also talked to Sheng Herr, a business and wealth strategist, and another co-host of the Rooted Revolution. Here's our conversation:

Sheng shares why she joined the Rooted Revolution, the struggles behind the scenes, and how to be authentic when we feel you've had to put on a "cultural camouflage" in order to feel a sense of belonging. Sheng is Hmong, and she believes that although each of us in the Rooted Revolution Summit may be different on the Asian diaspora, it's actually our similarities that makes us stronger together. We have shared experiences, and we came together to build this summit out of a true desire to represent, to be seen and heard and to help you to be seen and heard. So if you're an Asian woman or a non-binary entrepreneur of Asian descent, I know you'll relate and be able to contribute to this discussion. Even if you're not, you're welcome to attend.

Join us below.

 Last but certainly not least, Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris and I joined Sustainable Visibility(R) Mentor and Certified Trauma Sensitive Leadership Coach Mai-kee Tsang on her The Quiet Rebels(R)Podcast


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 During this podcast recording, I was nodding my head so hard that my neck was sore! In this episode, Mai-kee, Dr. Natasha and I share our journeys as entrepreneurs, and how navigating the impact of our cultural heritage has affected our businesses along the way (both the good and bad)...

...and why our shared experiences became the catalyst for The Rooted Revolution summit to be brought into existence with our fellow co-hosts.

So, if you're someone who has ever struggled with implementing strategies and business models which don't align for you fundamentally due to the conflict that arises from honoring your culture, or maybe you yearn to see more representation from others who look and sound like you...

Then you'll want to listen to this episode and join us in the Rooted Revolution Summit!


With Love & Gratitude,

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