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In about a week and a half, the Rooted Revolution begins! And I’m soooo freakin’ excited!!! Are you joining us? It’s FREE to join…just click the graphic below to get more info and how to join:

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I got even more excited after recording a podcast interview with two of the Rooted Revolution hosts, Mai-kee Tsang and Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris. While we were recording this podcast, I was nodding my head so hard that my neck was sore! 😂  

I just sooo related to what Mai-kee and Dr. Natasha were talking about, and it felt sooo good to have these conversations and to know that we are all in this together! As I said on the podcast, this Summit is for YOU! It’s for YOU to also feel what we’ve been feeling…that sense of community, compassion and true understanding of what our shared experiences have been like…and how to support and empower each other even more so to create the life and business of our dreams! 

(It’s FREE. However, if you choose to upgrade to the paid option - $38 - you get lifetime access to the summit recordings AND you’ll know that all of the proceeds go to #StopAsianHate.) friend Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris, a Naturopathic Doctor and Executive Leadership and Wellness Coach joined me on an IG Live, which you can watch on my Instagram Page @katychenmazzara or below:

Dr. Natasha in this video talks about the cultural narraties around hyper-independence, productivity, perfectionism and how it's influenced our rleationship to business ownership, money management and team dynamics. 

It's an honest conversation of when we're confronted with old patterns and how to actively communicate in ways that align with who we want to be now.

Putting together this summit challenged all six of us to step up in various ways since there wasn't one leader.

Hear how we did it...then join us to continue this conversation as well as so many others!

Also, on Friday, I had a conversation with one of my college friends, and she mentioned to me that I taught her something around year 4 or 5 in her business that she now tells other people. 

And it’s the idea that… you can love what you do AND NOT give it away for free! 

(I don’t remember telling her this, and this was BEFORE I was even a financial coach, so I know that I’ve had these beliefs forever.)

Then, later that day, I had a session with a member of the Financial Freedom for Creatives Club, and he mentioned that he has the belief that you can’t make money doing what you love.

I sensed a theme for the day.

Sometimes as a spiritual, compassionate being who wants to be in gratitude and abundance, we believe that it means we have to do things for free or charge very, very little for what you do.

Instead, I want you to know that your spirituality, your compassion, your gratitude and abundance will only GROW when you are taken care of, when you have the abundant resources of time and money, when you are able to shine your talents into the world and make money doing so. It strengthens what you already know about your own worth. 

Also, we are sooo conditioned by society to believe in the idea that if you are an artist or a creative of any kind, that your monetary value is less than someone who is a banker or an accountant. 

This is also NOT true. 

The average rate for a bank teller is $16.25/hour in Los Angeles, so that’s about $33,800 a year. The average TV writer in Los Angeles makes a starting salary of about $3500/week (according to a 2021 Los Angeles Times article), and if you can get staffed for most of the year, let’s say 8-10 months, then you’re making anywhere from $100-$150K as a first year writer.) When I looked up the numbers for an accountant in Los Angeles, the average yearly salary was $58,341. 

So, it’s definitely NOT true that as an artist, you’re making less than someone in a more traditional job. We’ve just been conditioned to see it that way.

This is also something I want to break at this Summit – societal stereotypes that may be holding us back and why our parents tell us to get these other types of jobs. Let’s start the revolution and get paid to do what we love! 

With so much Love & Gratitude,

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