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Commit to One Small Step

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This week's blog post is from one of my coaches -- Ally Rose. Her book The Divine Pause is a spiritual gift. She also sends inspiring daily emails, and this one landed for me...

I commit to one small change that will lead me closer to who I want to become.

If you’ve been in my world for any amount of time, you probably know I’m obsessed with this saying.

Because I have a secret to share with you:

Big wins don’t happen in one big step.

I’m sure you’re like “Yeah. Okay. Thanks...” 


But I truly think a lot of people don’t think or talk about about this enough.

The socials can make it seem like people become successful overnight, and maybe some - like a teeny tiny percentage do - but it’s not what happens for most people.

Progress means little, obtainable steps and tackling small goals every single day.

It also means making small promises to yourself that you KNOW you can and will keep, so that you start building a foundation of trust within yourself to continue your progression.

Something I ask most of my clients at the end of every one of our sessions is:

“What’s one small commitment or one small step you want to take between now and the next time we meet?”

Because I know the real work happens in what they do with what we’ve processed through, OUTSIDE of our time together.

And sometimes I’ll encourage them to break it down to something even smaller and more tangible.

For example, if someone says “I’m going to love myself more this week.”

I’d ask them what does loving yourself more practically mean?

And then we might break it down into a smaller more tangible step like:

“I’m going to say one nice thing about myself each day,” OR “I’m going to check in with my emotions at the end of each day before I go to sleep.”

Now it’s your turn.

Is there one small thing you can commit to for yourself today or this week that will create a little bit of progress toward your big goal?

with love & gratitude,


Now thinking of your finances, what's one small step you can commit to for yourself today or this week that will create a little bit of progress toward your big goal? If you don't know, go to my money personality quiz. It helps you to understand your path towards financial freedom based on how YOU think, feel and operate!

With Love & Gratitude,

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