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Financial Freedom for Creatives

Did you join us last week for the 5 days to financial freedom challenge? For a lot of participants, the challenge felt a bit like this....

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The above is actually what someone posted in the Facebook Group! The conversations, the videos (where I taught and coached) and action guides are going to stay up this week in the Facebook Group, so you can still sign up here to join:

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The above was actual money and other abundance manifesting on just Day 1 of the challenge!!!

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The person who wrote the above comment really warmed my heart, and I know it to be true. I don't talk about money the way someone else does. If you watch the challenge videos, you'll know it too. I've read a lot of books on finance, mindset and I've gone back to school for it (UC Berkeley's program for Personal Financial Planning)...and yet, I know it's my unique way of combining the spiritual, emotional and practical that transforms your relationship with money.

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Just looking at what a few people posted above and below, it's easy to see that there's a wide variety of spiritual and practical conversations around money. ..

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In the challenge last week, we manifested abundance, learned how to manage our money in a crisis, gave participants the BEST savings & investing guide, coached one participant how to find and release her money block and taught my zone of genius -- negotiating ANYTHING!!!

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There was sooo much learning, takeaways, engagement and support in the group that I did something I wasn't planning on doing -- open up my year-long membership into the Financial Freedom for Creatives Club.

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I'm giving you the tools for...

Katy Chen Mazzara's Financial Freedom for Creatives

In the next year, you'll get a financial coach to work with you, so that money doesn't have to be a worry anymore and you can create true financial freedom! In the membership, I'm going to teach LIVE courses, host Q&A sessions, coach you around blocks, spending habits, getting that raise/raising those rates or any personal question you may have in your financial life. Normally, all that time with me would costs thousands! For a limited time (only through Friday of this week), you'll get the special pricing at this LINK or by clicking the button below.

I'm excited to welcome you into the Financial Freedom for Creatives Club! If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at:

With Gratitude,

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