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Goals: How to Set Them and How to Stick to Them

Part 4 - Get Movin'

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Our guest blogger, Tilita Lutterloh, aka Coach T, is here for the last installment of our January 4-part series on goals and goal-setting. Enjoy!



2024 is officially in full effect as we head down the homestretch of January! And we’ve got one more step to making this goal-digging adventure a reality.

“Ohhh, right… I actually have to do the thing now.” 😬

Shocking words spoken by a client I work with who did all the goal-digging “homework” I assigned her — much like the steps I’ve walked you through over the last few weeks — and wondered why she hadn’t started seeing results yet.

We can have all the positive energy, clearly written goals, best intentions, and beautifully laid out plans in the world… but, psst, come a little closer so you can hear me – at the end of the day, we still have to do the work. 😲

I know, I know, it would be amazing if we could just keep dreaming and visioning and dissecting and discussing and aspiring… you know that’s just now how it works though.

It’s time to get movin’ and take action!

One of the toughest phases on any goal-digging journey is the start. That initial get-up-and-go can often be the slowest step and take foooreeever (in my best Sandlot impression) cuz ya know, change… change can be hard.


But I know you can do hard things. I see you proving it day in and day out… 👀👊🏾💯

So once you get started, you’ll build the momentum to keep going.


If you find it really difficult to stay consistent or do things consistently well, you might be making one or more of the following mistakes:

  • The action might be too big at this time… so you simply need to break it down into smaller more doable steps…
  • Your goal and your actions aren’t in alignment with your soul values and your true self… so re-evaluate what you really want and how you want to show up for yourself…
  • You’re not physically training… so it’s time to move your body!

Did you know that people who set aside designated time throughout the week to workout are not only happier, but also more successful with their goals than those who don’t?

That’s what the results of several research studies and surveys conducted over the past couple of years have shown. Specifically, 74% vs 26% of the people surveyed in a 2020 OnePoll study.

Sure, it’s not impossible to reach your goals without prioritizing your fitness routine… but it sure does up the probability of your goal-setting success!


"Being strong and feeling good in your body IS the path toward success in all areas of your life."

- Tilita Lutterloh


Why is it important to get movin’?

Four reasons...

  • To turn your thoughts and ideas into action.


  • To help facilitate healing, mindfulness, and connection.


  • To build strength — your capacity to withstand great force and/or pressure — both physical & mental.


  • To feel capable and tap into your courage.


  • Back to Newton’s First Law of Motion - an object at rest stays at rest; an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an external force.

So do that this week… Get Movin’!


Step 1 - Make physical activity a priority in your life (I’d highly recommend some form of strength & mobility training as one of those activities)


Step 2 - Plug your physical activities into your calendar. It’s important to schedule your priorities as opposed to prioritizing your schedule.

And I don’t mean on your to-do list. I mean literally put an appointment with yourself and the activity you’re supposed to do on your paper calendar, computer and phone calendars!


Step 3 - Ask yourself this question:

Of everything that is essential to my goal-digging process, what’s the very next step in front of me that needs to be taken?”


Step 4 - Go take that step 😉… and every step after that, take them to the best of your ability.


“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”  

- Steve Prefontaine



You’re set with a grounded plan to get you going on your 2024 goals. Be sure to check in with this step-by-step plan throughout the year as you hit milestones and continue on your goal-digging adventure.


👉🏾 Get Celebrating

👉🏾 Get Clear

👉🏾 Get Real

👉🏾 Get Movin’


I know you can do it… Got questions? Drop 'em below, and I'll get you the answers you need to help you get out there and make it happen!

Peace & Goal-Digging,

Coach T



I believe in you too! Whatever goals you’ve set for yourself this year are absolutely achievable with the right combination of belief, desire, and action… and of course a values-connected action plan like the one Coach T has laid out for you this month. And I’m here to support you with all of your financial goals. Let’s make this your most abundant year yet!

With an abundance of GRATITUDE,

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