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Goals: How to Set Them and How to Stick to Them

Part 2 - Get Clear

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Our guest blogger, Tilita Lutterloh, is back for Part 2 in our 4-part series on goals & goal-setting. Enjoy!



So here I am, ridin’ high atop the light and fluffy clouds in the sky, engrossed in this book that my friend recommended, on my way to San Juan, Puerto Rico 😃… when I realize that the particular chapter I’m reading is sooo on point with what we’ll get into during this entire month’s goal-digging series! Mmm, synergy, love when that happens!

The book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown is all about a philosophy and a mindset of applying more selective criteria for what is essential.


And by doing so, we stand in our power of choice so we can utilize our time, energy, and effort in an efficient, more intentional way to make the highest possible contribution toward the goals and activities that matter most to us.


So instead of being in a constant state of exhaustion, irritation, frustration, disconnect… which is what comes with doing ALL the things ALL of the time in order to achieve this “I can have it ALL” dream… we free ourselves up to pursue the right thing, at the right time, in the right way.

Well, what is the right thing?


That’s where you and Part 2 of Goals: How to Set them and How to Stick to Them come into play (be sure to check out Goals Part 1 from last week)!


In order to pursue the right thing, you must first Get Clear on what you want. Why?


Four reasons...

  • What you focus on grows


  • Clarity drives action.


  • So you don’t confuse the universe (since it is conspiring to help you achieve what you want after all… thanks for that nugget Paulo Coelho 😌).


  • To increase the likelihood that you’ll actually get the thing you want.


“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.”

- Bill Copeland


So do that this week!


Step 1 - Create your 2024 Field of Play (yes, I’m an athlete, so many of my analogies and teaching insights come from that 😉 #sorrynotsorry) - Draw a big rectangle, oval, square, circle (whatever shape you like) on a sheet of paper. This is your field.  


Set a timer for 5 minutes, and inside the field, write out everything you want in your life and how you want to feel. These things, which are in play for you, can include any/or all areas of your life – relationships, career, money, family, health & fitness, spirituality, personal growth, education, so on and so forth.

Seems pretty straight forward, right?


However, in my 20 years working with clients, I’ve observed that this part can often get sticky (and especially the next step). To declare what you really want can feel pretty intense. Or you simply may not know just yet…

In this case, take your pen out of bounds so to speak. Write the things you don’t want on the outside of your field. I’ve spoken with many folks who can tell you up and down what they don’t want. So this could be a good place to start in order for you to discover that what you do want is potentially the opposite of that in some way shape or form.


Now, when you look at your Field of Play, there is a clear delineation of what’s in-bounds and what’s out of bounds when it comes to your life… ooh, look at you settin’ clear boundaries! Get it! 👊🏾

Step 2 - Circle 3-5 items in your field that really stand out to you, that you’d like to focus your energy on this year – the things that will be in play for you in this season of life. I encourage you to stick with 3, but absolutely no more than 5… too much for your brain and your energy to process – gotta zone in your focus when running down the field!


Step 3 - Go through 5 layers of But, WHY? for each of the items you circled. Here’s what I mean…

I want to make more money.

But, why?


Why is that thing important?


What’s the point of that last thing?


Big whoop, so what?


Why does that last thing really matter?



That last answer is what you’re really after. 🔥 Marinate on that for a good minute. ✨


Step 4 - Share at least one of your Field of Play goals with a friend, confidant, loved one.


Next week, we’ll Get Real about what it takes to get what you want.


In the meantime, I’ll be soaking up some of this Puerto Rican sunshine! 🇵🇷🌞


Peace & Goal-Digging,

Coach T



With lots of GRATITUDE,

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