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Happy New Year! 2009-2019

Decade in Review

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Happy New Year! It's almost the end of a decade. The year 2020 is all about seeing clearly (20-20 vision...get it?) Before we can have clarity, we must declutter and release emotional, physical and mental gunk that's been blurrying up our vision!

I have a few coaches' rituals I'll be following (Christine Hassler... Marie Forleo)... What about you? Here are some of the things I'll be remembering and either releasing or celebrating...


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Above is a photo of me on the "set" of ABC's The Bachelor. It was my first season as a producer on that show, and I got to go to St. Lucia as Tenley Molzahn's producer/handler. I took a pay cut and a lower title to work on the show. I had been a Show Producer for awhile, but for this show -- I took a segment producer position and was offered $1700 but I believe I negotiated and got $1900/week. I never do anything based on money, and of course, it was the best decision ever, since I met my now husband, while working on the show.


Combining these two years because it's filled with more Bachelor, Bachelorette & travel. We went to New York City for Ali Fedotowsky's season of The Bachelorette, where I got The Lion King on Broadway to work with us for a group date! It was a HUGE production. My husband and I were producing partners that season, and we produced a swimsuit calendar shoot with the guys in Malibu. I also booked all of the musical guests that season, including Jamie Callum (one of Ali's fav artists), Barenaked Ladies, and Joshua Radin with the Harlem Boys Choir performing on a New York City rooftop with the Empire State Building in the background! (I have a photo standing in front of the microphone with that view, but I can't find it.) That season, the show went to Iceland, Turkey, Portugal and Tahiti. I only went to Istanbul. In the Fall, for The Bachelor, I went to Panama and Anguilla and produced one of the most romantic dates -- Dinner and private concert with the band Train at The Hollywood Bowl. Also, I produced the episode where Seal performed for Brad and Ashley Spivey at Capitol Records...and later in an interview, Ashley tells me that "Kiss from a Rose" was her late father's favorite karaoke songs! It was a powerful moment that brought tears to my eyes. For Ashley Hebert's season, I produced the Far East Movement's performance and flash mob to "Like a G6", and we got to go to Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan (my birthplace). I loved being in Taipei. Although I left when I was 3 years old, everything felt familiar. I loved the people, the food and the culture.


Biggest and probably best year of the decade. We got engaged and married this year. After dating for about a year and a half, we got engaged in beautiful Big Sur.

Engagement Weekend February 2012

Five months later, we had a Chinese Wedding Banquet for a rehearsal dinner and then got married at an historic 1920's building in downtown Los Angeles.

Post Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding 2012

After the wedding, we went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon! (Yes, full circle.)

Honeymoon in St. Lucia 2012

We also bought a house this year! So much happened in 2012.


Michael's mom was diagnosed with ovarian and breast cancer, so these were mostly challenging years. Michael left The Bachelor, and in 2014, I did too. After getting married and buying a house, I wanted to "nest," so I took a full time job (and another pay cut) as Director of Development at AwesomenessTV, which was owned by Dreamworks at the time. Then, in 2015, I left to take a Vice President of Unscripted Development at Fullscreen, making the most money I've ever made...but also the worst job I've ever held. During this time, I did get to travel a lot, going to Thailand again for Sean's season of The Bachelor, and attending Sean and Catherine's wedding at the beautiful Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara. Here's a photo of Chris Harrison and me from the wedding:

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My mother-in-law, Hermine, and I at my bridal shower.

This was the most challenging year of the decade. My mother-in-law, Hermine, passed away. The picture above is from my bridal shower in 2012. Right before she passed, I left my job at Fullscreen. I learned a lot of lessons this being to always listen to my own instincts, instead of listening to others and to stand up for what I believe is right instead of allowing fear to rule my decisions. It was also a year where my faith and trust were being tested over and over and trust in God, faith and trust in myself and trust in other people. The theme kept coming up. And I learned the lessons.


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2017 was a pretty good year. I got back into freelance production as a Senior Producer on probably my favorite show I've ever produced -- Better Late Than Never starring Henry Winkler, William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw and George Foreman. We went all over Europe with the show, starting in Germany with Munich, then Berlin...Vilnius, Lithuania...Stockholm, Sweden...Barcelona and Madrid in Spain and Marrakesh in Morocco. Henry took the selfie of us and the camel above!


Later in the year, my cousin got married, and we celebrated with a girls' weekend in Palm Springs and then the wedding in Dallas. My best friend, Carla, brought her boys out for Thanksgiving, and while Michael and I were in NYC for work, his brother Peter, sister-in-law, Kate and our nephew Sam came out to see a Broadway show, so we all met up!

Clockwise from top left: Palm Springs backyard pool, Tina's Bachelorette Party, Tina's Wedding Family Picture, Thanksgiving with Carla and the boys, Cousins at Tina's Wedding, December in NYC


2018 was a year of weddings! In March, my brother got married and I attended Christine Hassler's Signature Spring Retreat where I met all of these amazing women! I felt like I had met a soul family at this retreat.

Clockwise from top left: Brother's wedding in March, Christine Hassler's Signature Retreat, my Financial Freedom for Freelancers Workshop, Friend Amy's shower & Friends Chris & Stephanie's Wedding

In May, our nephew got married, and in August and December, friends got married. It was also the first year I transitioned full time into my business (turned down 3 TV producing jobs) and held a great workshop for all of my fellow creatives!


Some of the highlights from 2019:

From left to right: Integratron, Inside Integratron for Sound Bath, Speaking Virtually Row 2: Packed Stress Less, Do More Workshop, Women In Business Webcast, Small Workshop for Women Writers Last Row: Dinner with a few of my Dallas Travers Retreat Participants, Janet Jackson concert afterparty, Family shot in Sicily

So much has happened this year. As a financial coach, I spoke at SIX live workshops this year and was featured on webcast interviews, a YouTube interview that went viral and a podcast. I graduated from a very rigorous 9 month personal financial planning program through UC Berkeley, and I'm teaching mini-courses on the Marigold Confidence App for Women as well as part of The Limitless Collaborative, where I offer my Financial Freedom for Freelancers signature course and hold live Q&A sessions once a month with the four other coaches. I also attended Dallas Travers' Business Retreat this Summer in Portland.

For fun, I went to the Integratron for a Sound Bath on my birthday in February. Michael, our cousins, and I stayed at a beautiful airbnb in the desert. I attended amazing concerts this year, which included Avett Brothers at The Greek, Janet Jackson's residency in Las Vegas, meeting John Williams at his Hollywood Bowl Star Wars Anniversary show, The Cure, The Pixies and others at the Pasadena Daydream Festival! Seriously, it was a dream come true this year to see The Cure, my all-time favorite band.

Last but not least, I spent two amazing weeks with Michael and the Mazzara family in Sicily. There are three other blog posts about it, so I'll spare you all the details. However, suffice it to say, it was a trip of a lifetime.

My intention for the next 10 years is to be more present, to be more intentional and to really listen to my gut and to my be more fearless in going after what I want. I learned that there really is NO wrong decision. All decisions lead you to where you need to go. Sometimes, we have to take the long way around to learn what we truly need to learn. I'm releasing perfectionism. I'm releasing my grief over those who've passed and the what-ifs of life. I can still love those who've passed without having to be in extreme pain about it. As for the what-ifs and mistakes, I can say, I tried. I tried my best, at the time. I've learned my lessons, and I would do it differently if there is a next time. However, if there isn't, I am Ok with my decisions and how it all worked out. I am also releasing harsh criticisms of myself. I know this is a work in progress, but the older I get the more I allow myself to just be.

Now if you read this entire blog post, thank you! It's definitely a super long one. It took me about 12 hours to write it all. I actually love reading about other people's Year in Reviews or Decade in Review, so I thought I'd share most of mine. In the interest of not boring you too much, I did try and give you the highlights (and lowlights). Please let me know what you think and if you did a decade in review, please feel free to share your links in the comments! If you didn't do one, what are your intentions for this next decade? What did you learn from the last decade? What are you going to release?

Happy New Year! May 2020 and beyond be filled with Love, Laughter & Wealth in all things that matter to you! With so much Gratitude & Love,

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