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Happy Thanksgiving!

My Gratitude List this year...

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It's almost Thanksgiving here in the United States.

It's one of my favorite holidays because it's all about family, food, football (for some people), and giving thanks. No gifts required!

Thanksgiving brings together some of my favorite, family, food, and more food!

Shawn Achor, the author of The Happiness Advantage, a former Harvard professor, and a thought leader who has an extremely popular Ted Talk and has appeared on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, puts gratitude at the top of the list of what makes us happier. I'm sure we can all agree that when you're in the feelings of gratitude, it's pretty hard to be sad or mad!

Did you also know...gratitude can also make you more abundant?

Well, for starters, the law of attraction states that what we focus our attention on, expands. So, if we're focusing our attention on what we are truly grateful for, past experiences have shown that we keep getting more of it! For example, a few years ago, I had signed up for a group coaching program, and that month, the focus was on prosperity. I was in-between TV gigs, and so I put all of my efforts into reading more books on the law of attraction and abundance and also doing a lot of practices I use in my coaching program, and you know what? That month, without having a job, I brought in about $1200, including a $450 check for a state tax refund I was, somehow, owed! Money just kept coming that month, from all sorts of mysterious sources.

Money comes to me in abundance! Law of attraction...

Gratitude also makes us more satisfied with what we do have, which is probably one of the reasons why it leads to more happiness. Happiness is a choice, and a lot of times, when we covet what others have or have a bigger list of wants than haves, it creates dissatisfaction, which definitely makes us unhappier. When you're more satisfied with what you do have, you tend to only buy what you need and what actually align with your values, which also makes us happier.

Gratitude and that satisfaction lead to contentment and peace, and when we are that filled up, we are more likely to have the capacity, energy and desire to help others, which leads to an abundance of goodwill, love, and all-around gratitude. Then, that gratitude from others will pay itself forward in a myriad of ways, one of which could be that next job, client, promotion or opportunity.

So, start a gratitude list today! At the end of each day, write down three specific things you were grateful for today, and why you were so grateful. Then, really feel that gratitude throughout your mind, body and spirit. Do this for at least 21 days, and you'll see a huge shift in both your happiness and in your ability to receive and be abundant!

My Gratitude List this year, so far...

1. My relationship with God has gotten deeper and with more understanding.

2. My love for my husband continues to grow. Each day, I discover more and more of his wonderful traits, which include a way of seeing the world in a brilliantly comedic way, an ability to be nurturing and supportive in everything I do and being a good cook!

3. My mother's recovery from surgery earlier this year and her love for her family.

4. Family staying with us these last few months. Feels so incredible to have space for them to stay (in a way where everyone has their own privacy), as well as having a luxurious amount of time to get to spend together.

5. My brother finding someone he loves so much, and for all of us getting to celebrate his wedding earlier this year.

6. Creating a sanctuary in our backyard this year where I'm working on this blog.

7. Going to a Christine Hassler retreat this year and becoming friends with some incredible women.

8. Stretching and learning a lot this year, including holding a fun and successful workshop.

9. Friends who've called me for TV gigs, people who've recommended me for both TV jobs and for financial coaching, and friends who've given me so much support, in general!

10. Finally, I am grateful for YOU for reading, sharing, and for those of you who've become cherished clients. This year has been full of incredible growth, as I officially launched this website and went full-time in my business.

Please share some of what makes you grateful this year in the comments below, and just through the holidays, I'm offering FREE 1-hour financial coaching sessions. I know the holidays can be stressful with our finances, and I want to make it easier, so let's talk! Please sign up here.

With so much gratitude this Thanksgiving,

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