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How to Achieve Health, Wealth & High Performance

with #GoalDigger Tilita Lutterloh aka Coach T

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I used to have a block against exercise. You can read all about it in this previous blog post.

However, ever since working with High Performance Coach, Tilita Lutterloh, I realized what my mental block came from, and now I actually love the workouts we've been doing.

So I'm so so excited for you to watch this interview and soak up some of her amazing knowledge! Known by her peers in the sports and fitness world as a #GoalDigger, Tilita, aka Coach T, sets ambitious goals and works diligently to achieve success. Tilita is an Olympic hopeful, competing across the US for over 15 years as an unattached Olympic Development Track & Field athlete, ranking as high as 8th in the nation in Triple Jump.

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Functional Movement Screen practitioner, Master Nutrition Coach, and a Health Made Simple PRO, her expansive clientele also includes purpose-driven lifestyle athletes and curious newbies who love taking on big challenges and exploring what their bodies can do. Tilita’s big picture thinking and detail oriented coaching has allowed her to curate her own #TILITAFIED high performance and wellness experience - incorporating core principles for lifestyle and performance transformation, such as mindset work, strength, and conditioning, and habit-centered plant-based nutrition, thus creating a blueprint for achieving goals in all areas of life.

Tilita considers herself a High Performance Health Coach, and takes a values-rooted approach to cultivating new mindsets and habits within her clients, allowing them to be fully prepared for the possibilities to come not only with their performance, but also in their life. ARE YOU READY TO GET #TILITAFIED? Watch the interview below!

To take Tilita up on her complimentary High Performance Strategy Session, email her HERE. You can also find her on IG @IAmTilita, FB: @Tilitafied or her FB Group: The Runners' Locker Room. No catch, no strings attached! She just wants to spend an hour helping you where she can. If you love it, I’m sure she can tell you about other ways she can help you. But this session is purely about giving back to the hard-working, goal-oriented, high-performing peeps in the world, like you. I hope you’ll take advantage of Coach T’s offer. I know you’ll get a lot out of it.

With Gratitude and Love,

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