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How to Be More Productive, Organized & Calm

Video Interview with Angela Kristen Taylor

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Happy December! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My aunts came to visit from Taiwan, and my family, husband and I spent Thanksgiving at our cousins' house. Lots of food and laughter. It was so delicious and fun! What about you? How was your Thanksgiving? What did you do?

Well, it's December, and today is one of those days where it feels challenging to get going! I have a list of things I get to do this week, and I'm slogging my way through it. Do you have those days or those weeks?

Well, there's still about 20 solid working days this month before the full festivities of the holidays hit, so how do we get ourselves motivated?

I interview Angela Kristen Taylor, the founder of Productive Souls and The Limitless Collaborative to speak on this subject. After all, she is an Integrative Productivity Coach!

We talk about how she went from a difficult childhood, a divorce and being a single mom to a six figure plus business, working just 20 hours a week. She's now married to a man who also had children, and they're kinda like a real life Brady Bunch!

Here's the interview...

Angela Kristen Taylor is the founder of Productive Souls and the creator of The Limitless Collaborative. She's spent over 25 years in real estate and 16 of those coaching and consulting. She is a known expert when it comes to the psychology of the real estate agent and went on to identify "The Clutter Cycle" that leads to blocks in productivity for anyone living their life in chaos. Angela is mom to 5 kids, a licensed Realtor, and is certified as both a spiritual healer and an integrative nutrition health coach.

Do you want to shift what you feel inside, since it determines whether we're going to get up and go to work today, how much we can contribute or be creative?! Then, sign up for a free consultation with Angela today! She's offering a clutter breakthrough session HERE. I'm part of the Limitless Collaborative because not having a job that gives you a paycheck every two weeks...means that your ability to make as much money as you want is...limitless!

And since I'm a money coach...I'll break down some numbers for you... Now, these are not actual numbers if you were to work with each of us. I'm just ball-parking numbers here. If you were to work with a Business Coach, that's usually around $10,000, then if you had a social media/PR/marketing coach, that person is also at least $10,000, then add in a health/fitness coach, life coach and money coach who are all charging around $2K (to make it easier)...that's $26,000 a year to work with 5 coaches. And the Limitless Collab is not even half of that amount! It's not even 25% of that amount!'s well worth the money to work with 5 coaches to help you step into your best year yet!

With Gratitude,

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P.S. Due to technical issues with Mailchimp, I'm pushing the 5-Day Money Challenge to January 2020. Please subscribe below and let me know if you're in then! Thanks!!! In the meantime, if you'd like a free 1-hour coaching session where we'll uncover your biggest money blocks currently or know someone that could use a session during this time, please sign up on my home page