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How to Create More Meaningful Interactions

Video Interview with Donna Cravotta from Social Pivot PR

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As a freelancer, business owner, and creative type, it's important to make connections, as I explain in my previous blog post How to be a TV Producer (or really, any dream career)! In that blog post, I mention that to take the ick factor out of networking, we must form genuine and authentic connections with people!

In today's blog post, I interview a social media maven (she's been doing it since 2006!) who believes that genuine, meaningful interactions can happen (and should happen, if you want to thrive) on social media!

DONNA CRAVOTTA was born in Brooklyn and crafted in Manhattan. After over 25 years in the corporate world working in global law firms, she found her priorities had shifted. Commuting and long hours away from home were no longer an option. So this single mom bought a domain name, built a bad website and took a leap of faith. She walked away from the safe career and launched her first business in 2006. When social media came on the scene, she fell in love and never looked back. She LOVES what she does, the aspect of her work that gets her adrenaline going is when a client truly understands that the power of social media is not a hack or a tactic, but rather the ability to listen to what your audience is asking for and joining them in conversation… This is when extraordinary opportunities simply show up. The possibilities are endless…

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