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How to Find Your Hidden Purpose

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My friends, Jenny Cornbleet and Mark Futterman, are all about bringing more meaning and purpose to your life. They have a free class coming up called Your Hidden Purpose and I encourage you to attend it. I love the way they work, which is different from any other “purpose work” I’ve seen. And I think their philosophy and approach is exactly what’s needed right now. Instead of me telling you all the reasons to grab a spot in their class right away... I want to give you the chance to get to know them a bit. So, I did an interview with them to explain their process and to coach me on something I've been working on...

Jenny Cornbleet and Mark Futterman are meaning and purpose coaches who approach purpose from-the-inside-out, helping you turn your work and life into an authentic expression of who you are and what you’re most passionate about.

They have created a unique way to uncover the deepest meaning that’s already inside of you, wanting to be expressed. They call this inner meaning your Boldly Original Proposition or BOP, and it’s the thing your life has perfectly prepared you to help teach, heal, or express in the world. To find out more, they're hosting a FREE masterclass called Your Hidden Purpose. Click on the class title to sign up! You can also visit their website to check out these two incredible coaches and human being.

With Gratitude,

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