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                        Speaking Up About

Violence Against

Asian Americans

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Celebrating my Asian sister, Chloe Zhao!!! 

Chloe Zhao, who directed "Nomadland," made history at the Academy Awards yesterday, by being the second woman to win the best directing award in nearly 100 years AND the first woman of color to win the award.

In her acceptance speech, she said: 

“When I was growing up in China, my dad and I would play this game. We would memorize classic poems and text and try to finish each other’s sentences.” 

She recited a line of poetry in Chinese, translated as, “People at birth are inherently good.”

She went on to say:

“I have always found goodness in the people I met...This is for anyone who has the faith and courage to hold onto the goodness in themselves.”

Chloe Zhao's win comes after last week's anti-Asian hate crime bill passed by the Senate. So, my friend Anna Tsui and I had our own celebration earlier in the day (that's why I think I look so happy in the screen grab below). We didn't talk about Chloe's win because we had our chat before the Oscars. Instead, I wanted to talk about this post Anna made  a month ago...

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I loved this conversation between two friends on a Sunday afternoon. It's filled with such compassion, understanding, and also humor. I hope you got a chance to watch it. 

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

If you want to know more about Anna, go to her website, where you'll find out more about The Intuitive Business School, a program that helps people identify and clear internal blocks to their success in life and business. Besides being an amazingly intuitive business coach, Anna is also an international speaker and writer. Her first book, Shadow Magic, shows you how to overcome self-sabotage and Imposter Syndrome to build a thriving career and business.

With so much Gratitude & Love,

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