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I Got Covid

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I got Covid.

It’s been over a week, and I still have it. 

Ironically, I got it when I finally went and got my booster at CVS.

I didn’t want to get the booster because I had some health issues after I was fully vaccinated.

However, with a global pandemic, it feels like we’re just doing our duty to get the vaccine. 

At CVS when I got the vaccine last year.

But I would argue that I am fully vaccinated AND I still got covid.

So who did I protect? I would’ve protected everyone, if I just didn’t go out (which I didn’t) and wore a mask everywhere (which I’m still doing). 

And if I had not gotten the booster, like I didn’t want to do, I wouldn’t have gotten covid. 

Now, you may argue that I would’ve gotten it eventually, or if I had gotten the booster earlier, I may have prevented it. However, we don’t know that. 

My husband was fully vaccinated and got the booster a month or so ago, and he still got covid, from me. (He recovered after two days.) 

So, why did I get the booster, if I really didn’t want to?

Well for starters, I felt like I had to get the booster because of omicron. Everyone I was talking to (over zoom) was getting covid. 

Although no one in particular told me to get the booster, in a way, I felt the peer pressure, or more accurately, societal pressure… 

…which isn’t usually how I live my life. 

I try to really see what I want, what I believe, and what’s good for me, instead of just going along with the masses. (I stopped going along with the masses by the 9th grade because I realized how silly it was to do, say and dress like everyone else, just so they can pretend to like you.)

I’m someone who likes to march to the beat of my own drums, and yet, with this pandemic, and I think with health, in general, I tend to listen to others. 

I don't always trust my own intuition or my own body. 

I’ve listened to doctors, when they didn’t know what was going on with my body. 

I google diagnoses. 

I do everything, except really sit with myself and listen to what my body is telling me. 

I even convinced my mom to listen to doctors, when she didn’t believe a diagnosis was correct. 

From now on, I’m listening because my body tells me the truth. 

And no one knows my body better than me. No one.

So, what does all of this have to do with financial freedom? 

Well, it’s your money. What do YOU want to do with it? How do you want to save, spend and utilize this tool with the resources that you do have? 

Wealth, to me, is well-being. And one of the greatest ways to achieve TRUE financial freedom is to have peace and well-being around your choices. 

Is it YOU who wanted to buy that particular car or buy that house in the suburbs or even have children or is it your family, neighbors, friends, society or just always what you thought you should be doing at this particular age?

Unlike with my health, I’m very clear about my financial decisions. I drive a 2003 VW Passat (It’s about to turn 18! It’s like I have a child who is about to go to college in the Fall)!

I CAN buy a new car, and I probably will at some point when it’s really unusable. However, for now, it still runs well. I haven’t had to spend much on the maintenance. It’s never (knock on wood) been in an accident, and it’s in really, really good condition for an almost 18 year old car. 

And I love not having any car payments.

Having a brand new luxury automobile isn’t a priority, and it doesn’t align with my core values, so why would I get one? 

My mom drives a Lexus that she’s leasing, and she sometimes stresses about what she’s going to do when the lease is up. 

She had another Lexus that’s not as expensive prior to the one she has now. 

Luxury and beauty are her core values, and she probably told herself she deserves a top of the line Lexus. However, the main reason she got it was because her sisters were coming to visit from Taiwan a couple of years ago, and her other Lexus only had 2 rows vs 3 rows, which is funny because they ended up not coming to visit and even if they had, I’m sure the 3 of them could’ve fit into a 2 row SUV very comfortably. Why do they each have to have a row? 

Not that it’s any of my business what my mother does with her money, however, if she were to ask me about the decision to buy the car, I would ask her – is this really your heart’s true desire? Does it align with your core values? If the answer is yes to both, then go for it.

However, if it’s coming from your mind or outside of yourself, and your mind or something else is telling you that you must get it because your sisters will be more comfortable or you want them to see you in an even nicer Lexus than the last time they visited or whatever else, then that’s a decision that’s not truly yours. 

What money decisions have you made in your life that you now regret? Please share in the comments because it may help us all to see that when we make decisions that are not aligned with our core values, it will lead to regret. Sign up below to get my email newsletters, where I am sharing different ways to achieve financial freedom and to be able to make money decisions without regret.

So, it’s time for us all to know ourselves better, so that we can make decisions based on our own heart’s desire and our core values, instead of what our parents want us to do, what our doctors tell us, or what society deems as vital. 

We have this one life to live, on this planet, in this body, and we must experience it for ourselves.

With so much Love & Gratitude,

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