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Happy Lunar New Year!

Gong Shi Fa Tsy or Gong Hay Faht Choy!

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Today is the Lunar New Year's Eve. Tomorrow is the New Year! (It's also my birthday, and the year of the Tiger, which is also my zodiac sign.)

After we say "Happy New Year" or


then we say in Mandarin "Gong Shi Fa Tsy," and in Cantonese, it's "Gong Hay Faht Choy!" Literally, the translation says, "Congratulations, Success or Fortune!" It's a way to greet family members, loved ones, friends and acquaintances with a blessing or wish for their successes and fortune.

In terms of manifesting, this is powerful because someone is saying it to you, as if your success and/or fortune has already happened! An amazing way to manifest IS to write it or say it in a way where it's already happened for you.

I am a millionaire.

I am a billionaire.

I am a wealthy, healthy and happy spiritual leader.

When you have someone say:

"Congratulations to your success and fortune!!!"

It turns the intangible into a tangible thought in our minds, and remember, our minds don't know the difference between reality and a well-imagined thought. Once it turns into a tangible, well-imagined thought, then the possibilities of it happening are so much greater because we don't get what we want, we get what we believe. And you just turned it into a belief that it is possible.

In most parts of Asia, where they celebrate the Lunar New Year, everyone takes about two weeks off from work. Adult children go home to visit their parents on New Year's Eve, and everyone eats...a lot. The food we eat is very specific. Here are just some of the items we are supposed to eat, and what they mean:

A whole fish

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 = May you have an abundance each year! May you always have MORE than enough.

Unbroken Noodles

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 = Long life, happiness & longevity in general


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 = Fortune because they look like pouches of coins/money

Sweet sticky rice cake

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 = May you have lots of sweet moments in your life and also higher positions in life and higher income

Sweet rice balls

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 = Family, Togetherness and sweet moments in your life

Oranges, Mandarins, Clementines

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= Abundance and Wealth

If you notice, almost everything has to do with money, prosperity and wealth except for the sweet rice balls and the unbroken noodles. Yes, Asians are quite obsessed with creating wealth. Have you seen Bling Empire on Netflix? It's the real-life Crazy Rich Asians. The first episode shows a super extravagant Chinese New Year party on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Besides food, adults give children red envelopes 🧧 with crisp, brand new bills. I don't know any other celebrations where you can make money. Do you?

Two other "actions" many people take during the new year (according to some research)...

• Wear Red - Even wearing a little bit of red is believed to chase away bad luck. This can include scarves, socks, and especially red underwear!?!

My bridesmaid Vicky and I at my rehearsal dinner in 2012.

• Clean the House - Before the New Year, do a thorough cleanup of the entire house and some major decluttering. It's a good way to clear out the old and what no longer serve you. Symbolically, you're saying farewell to the last year by sweeping the dust away and encouraging good luck in a fresh environment. It's also a good idea to clear the fridge of any old and expired foods and try to eat only fresh foods during the New Year celebration. (And this part I love) Avoid cleaning for at least the first three days of the new year as such actions will "wash away" any good luck. Here are some other Fun 

I will be taking Monday & Tuesday off to celebrate the Lunar New Year and my birthday. If you are celebrating with me, then I wish you a "Happy New Year, Congratulations, Success/Fortune!"

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Have you ever thought to yourself...

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  • I can't live my life a certain way because that would disappoint my parents or family.
  • I can't talk to my family about what is truly important to me. My mom, dad, siblings, etc. don't really know who I am.

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