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Money Is Made Up

So what value do you want to make it mean in your life?

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If you watch Oprah's SuperSoul Sunday, read or watched The Secret, and/or consider yourself "woo-woo," you probably have a vision board.

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On your vision board, you probably have some sort of photo of yourself making a lot of money and what that lifestyle looks like once you get the money.

And while I'm all for vision boards because it's a great visual representation of what you want, I have to tell you, money doesn't work this way.

Money is earthly (meaning it can't be taken with us after we die) and...well, made up!

As you know, humans made up the concept of money.

We print up bills and mint coins. Then, someone places a value on each coin and bill. And in each country, the value is different. Then, throughout the world, the marketplace decides whether one country's currency is more valuable than another's, while individual currency exchange rate businesses and banks can adjust it up or down, to suit their needs.

So just like a bank or small exchange rate business, I want you to decide, for yourself, what value do you want to put onto money?

Write down how you value money in the comments below. I'd love to hear what value you place. For me, money represents freedom...freedom to choose what you want to do, who you want to be with, and where you want to live and work.

But it wasn't always this way. I used to avoid money. My nana (dad's mom) placed a high value on it, and I had told myself I don't want money to be the most important thing in my life, like it is for her. While I don't think it's necessary for money to be important in your life in order to achieve wealth, you do have to understand why you would want money in the first place.

I also want you understand all of this because I don't want you to think that to make more money, to achieve the millionaire or billionaire lifestyle you may want, that all it takes is putting it on your vision board, sit back and wait for it to "manifest" into your life.

In order for you to truly manifest it into your life, you have to take action. Put some practical steps into place. Change spending and saving habits. Learn to negotiate better, so you can make more money or spend less on that new car you need. And invest towards your values.

Once you have all of these things in place -- the vision board and knowing what value you place on money and the practical steps to get to where you want to go, then the final step is to take a deep breath in and surrender to how it all comes to you. (See? There is a little woo in me, too.)

With Gratitude,

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