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Top Tips For Getting Organized in 2022

Decluttering is one of the BEST ways to create creative AND financial flow! However, getting started may sometimes feel like daunting, especially if it's getting organized for business taxes, which I'm doing right now. 

This collaborative/contributed guide though shows you step by step how to get organized, so you can enjoy your life more and manifest what you truly desire!

Image via Pixabay


Declutter your digital life

Delete unnecessary apps, photos, files, playlists, and contacts that you may not need anymore. It's best to uninstall unused programs on your computer, so they don't unnecessarily take up space and slow down your device. Also, unsubscribe to emails that are no longer relevant, and set up folders in your inbox to organize the emails you need.

Make sure you set up visual reminders for habits.

Setting up habits comes down to reminding yourself of your goals. That's why you must create visual cues that will remind you of your goals when they're most important. Visuals can help trigger a habit when needed and make daily routine tasks more manageable. Examples of this might include

  • Keeping your vitamin bottles next to your bed
  • Making sure to lay your gym clothes out the night before.
  • Making healthy food items more visible and easier to access than junk foods
  • Putting a habit tracker on your desk or fridge and marking it off every day

Set up a Google calendar

Whether you use it to track birthdays, appointments, or just your daily task list, Google calendar can be a game-changer. Input any tasks you need to do the next day before you go to bed, and if you can't get something done that day, you can easily drag the task to another time. You can also put everything into categories and color coordinate them. 

Automate your bills and banking

Automatically set up your auto-pay on everything you can and opt out of paper bills. It will save you time and energy in the short term and benefit our planet’s future. You can also set up Changefi mobile banking to make managing your finances much more accessible. 

Organize money into needs & wants

It can be hard to figure out how you're spending your income or what you need to save. So create two categories that your money will go into: needs and wants.

To manage your finances, you first need to establish a list of your necessities. Then, once the expenses are figured out, subtract this amount from your monthly income and put a certain amount away for savings, retirement, or emergencies.

If a need can be deferred for more than a month, it becomes an optional expense or an item that is not seen as strictly necessary. You can assess your current financial situation to determine if you've gone over your budget before investing too heavily in its purchase.

Set a day (or even 2 hours) aside for life admin

This is a day when you do all the work that doesn't bring you joy, so it doesn't have to weigh down your life. This might include arranging doctor or dentist appointments, mailing out those packages, taking stuff to be donated, and all of the other tasks you have been putting off.