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True Financial Freedom!

I am a fierce fighter for Freedom. So, it's no wonder 95% of my clients also value this Core Value.

One time, while working with an amazing couple, the song, "Don't Fence Me In," got brought up, and we laughed that, for us freedom seekers, it's one of our favorite songs. It's written by my favorite songwriter, Cole Porter, and many including Bob Wills, Willie Nelson, Ella Fitzgerald, Gene Autry, and The Killers have covered this anthem -- to freedom and my favorite line -- "gazing at the moon 'till I lose my senses!"

Personally, I like the David Byrne version (the video is such a celebration of multicultural quirkiness and it gives a nod to Roy Rogers who first introduced the song in the movie Hollywood Canteen).

So, what does true financial freedom look like?

Well, like the song says, "Don't Fence Me In!" It also looks something like this...

"I have to thank you so much for the "5 Days to Financial Freedom" seminar back in January! It completely changed the way I think about money. In just six months, I have managed to save $13,000 WHILE paying off debt, AND with my husband out of work due to Covid. Paying myself first (putting aside a minimum of $200 a week) has been a game changer. You showed me that it's possible to save while paying off bills - something I never dreamed one could do! I feel so much more secure knowing we have savings to access for emergencies. Our goal is to buy a house next year ,and we're confident we'll make it a reality!"

Paying off $13,000 of debt and saving a minimum of $200 per week, while her husband was out of work due to Covid. Feeling secure and confident to make their home buying dreams a reality! All of this is TRUE financial FREEDOM!

During this global pandemic, I've helped a client negotiate a higher salary on a new job. The recruiter told her they can only go to a certain number. However, we negotiated it in a way that helped them see her value, and she got $10K MORE than the number they said was the max. Plus, she got an additional sign on bonus!

Other clients have gotten raises, started their businesses WITH clients already, and so many telling me they're actually doing BETTER now, than they did before the pandemic. How's this possible?

Because of a few simple tools I've shared over the last couple of months...with my clients and in workshops and webinars. Now, I'm going to share my practical and spiritual tools with you next week! We've got 5 months left of the year, and I want you to be able to:

  • Manifest more money
  • Negotiate anything
  • Save & Invest with Ease (so you don't feel the squeeze)
  • Manage your money in a crisis
  • And let's find and release any money blocks so you can get that raise or make more money in your business!

Sign up below and please invite friends and family to do the same!

We had sooo much fun in January during the challenge with more than 100 people joining me, and it's a whole new world now, so I wanted to bring back the challenge to let you know YOU can have financial freedom...which ultimately means that even in a crisis, you know you're OK....scratch know you're safe and that you've got this.

With so much Love & Gratitude,

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