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Who Are You On Vacation?

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Does your life feel like a vacation?

If you don’t love your life…

…you’re not living the way you were meant to.

Did you know that when your life reflects the personality of your soul, you become more magnetic and manifest good things much easier?

Yet most people suffer through their lives waiting for a time to escape.

This is the conversation Anna Tsui (Bestselling author of Shadow Magic and creator of The Intuitive Business School) and I went in-depth on today, and it's such a magical, deep, enriching conversation.

Anna Tsui, has spent the last few years developing a process that helps people connect to the genius of their personal essence.


That is, the true personality of their soul.

As it turns out, it’s very similar to the energy we feel when we are on vacation!

She shared her discovery with me in this conversation, and she's also created a program where we get to take a deep immersion experience into our soul. Then—this is the best part—it's going to re-create your life as a vacation!

No plane ticket required.


















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