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Why You May be Tired, Gaining Weight & Losing Motivation

Video Interview with Health & Fitness Coach Stephanie Miramontes

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We are 13 days into the new year and the new decade. Be honest now...have you already broken a resolution, intention or goal for your health?

As I mentioned in last week's blog post, I'm working on becoming the healthiest version of me this year, like most of you probably! It's one of my 3 intentions, and I've done some amazing things and one epic fail.

Let's start with the good news! This weekend, I went to hip hop class for the first time in over a year! I had an injury in late 2018 from Orange Theory, so I couldn't do any rigorous exercises all last year! So, going to hip hop class was a huge win for me! I also went to a strength training class last weekend! I've also been participating in a fun fitness game called Get Fit Done. And besides hiring a nutrition/health coach, I joined a group coaching program aimed at reducing inflammation, which includes sugar.

And yet...I ate sugar.

Epic fail. I didn't plan well. I started two group coaching sessions this week, and one of them met up at my house. I wanted to have food, and my intention was to just buy healthy food but my husband thought it would be good to have croissants, so I bought 2 almond and 2 chocolate ones. None of them were eaten, of course, so I ended up eating the chocolate ones.

So, I asked expert health coach Steph Miramontes on how to keep myself motivated, how to ask the right questions to my health care provider, so I can expand my capacity for change. Steph runs Soul Centered Fitness. She was a yo-yo dieter at the age of 10 and also has an autoimmune disease. Her mission is to transform women's health from the inside out...rather than just about looking good! We also talk about the Compound Theory...which is funny because in money, there's Compound Theory (Hint: Small is Significant!!!).

Actually, money and food language are so similar. The reason I don't believe in "budgeting" is the same reason Steph and other health coaches don't believe in "dieting." You may be able to sustain it for awhile, but it's not a lifestyle change that will be life-long. Another similarity is emotional eating and emotional spending. I always say that our money is a reflection of our emotional lives. When we are emotionally "unwell" (meaning, not in a calm, peaceful state), we tend to reach for comfort, and that comfort can come in many forms. Some use food, some use shopping, some use alcohol, and some use work (hello, over working)!

Steph is also another coach in The Limitless Collab, where 5 coaches help you in one year transform your life in all areas, including your health, relationships, productivity, business, social media/PR and of course, my area of expertise, your money. Steph takes fitness and nutrition coaching from a mundane task list to inspired action. Her unique approach clears the diet confusion clutter with a strategy that is as reasonable as it is effective. The health and fitness industry focuses on the body, while missing that the key to a lasting transformation is mind, body, and soul. Steph shines a flashlight on the hidden habits that are sabotaging your health, leaving you educated, empowered, and in a body that feels like home.

Check out the link for information and then book your free clutter breakthrough session with any one of us! If you want to break through all of the diet confusion...what to eat/what not to eat for your body type, blood type, personality type, whatever, schedule time with Steph to get really clear on what you truly want...a healthier YOU in 2020.

What do you think of my conversation with Steph? Please subscribe and write in the comments. We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions for Steph or me about health or money, please also write it in the comments.

If you're interested in seeing how you can make your financial life better in this new year and new decade, please sign up on my home page HERE and scheduled a time HERE. Here's to our health and wealth in 2020!

With Gratitude,

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