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Your Worth is NOT your Work

Interview with Success Coach Monet Boyd

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I just recently met Success Coach Monet Boyd, and as soon as we started talking, I got so excited about what she was saying and how she said it, especially when she mentioned how our worth is NOT connect to our worth.



Monet Boyd is the owner and founder of Success Coach Mo, LLC. She is a Certified Career Service Provider with over eight years of experience helping individuals find and secure jobs. At Success Coach Mo, Monet's focus is on empowering people of color and first-generation professionals, to attain the careers they desire and deserve. Through her career branding services, which include resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation sessions, and LinkedIn Revamps, she assists clients in achieving their career goals. Her aim is to help her clients overcome feelings of being stuck, limited, and lacking opportunities, enabling them to secure fulfilling jobs and create new opportunities for themselves. As you'll hear from our conversation, she is also deeply committed to ensuring that her clients have access to purposeful lives, wealth-building opportunities, and overall success.


Monet brings up the "She's Built for Success" Campaign, and here are the details:

Empowerment, resilience, and triumph - these are the hallmarks of women who pave their paths to success against all odds. The "She's Built for Success" campaign, hosted by Success Coach Mo LLC, celebrates and amplifies these stories of incredible women.



This initiative invites you to share your journey, challenges overcome, and achievements, as part of a vibrant community uplifting women's voices in our personal and professional spheres.



We invite you to share your unique journey by completing the phrase: "I am [Name]. I'm built with [Adjective/Describing Your Trait], I rise above [Obstacle/Challenge]. I choose to [Action/Aspiration]. #ShesBuiltForSuccess." Your narrative will join a mosaic of voices uplifting women's achievements in our professional and personal lives.


Participate and make your mark by clicking on the button below:



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