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I don't celebrate Valentine's Day

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Although this Tuesday is Valentine’s Day, I am not celebrating. 

That’s because it’s my husband’s birthday. (photo on the left - earlier in our dating life / photo on the right = Last Summer in our backyard)

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He’s a Valentine’s Baby.

And while that may sound really cute and sweet, it’s not always easy to have a birthday on a day where everyone is scrambling to make dinner reservations or buy cards and flowers. 

So that’s why we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I’ve never liked it anyway. 

To me, it feels forced.

I believe in celebrating love everyday! 

Last year, I shared this story of how he actually helped ME with my money mindset....

While going out with some friends to have lunch in West Hollywood – a notoriously hard place to find parking – I got a parking ticket.

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The afternoon had been perfect! We got a parking spot right away, about two blocks away from the restaurant. 

The food and the conversations were delicious. 😉

And although I knew we were running late, when I walked back to the car with my friend Elise, there wasn’t a ticket on the windshield! Whew!

However, the meter maid was hiding behind the car, writing up the ticket. 

We asked her to give us a reprieve, but she didn’t budge. 

She kept writing up the ticket.


All the way home, I was beating myself up.

Why didn’t I run over and put a quarter in the meter and then go back to the restaurant to finish paying? Why didn’t I tell my friends that I needed to leave earlier? Why didn’t I do this or that…kept running through my head. When I got home, when my husband asked me how lunch was, I said, 

“Lunch was fun, but then I got a ticket.” 

And you know what? My husband gave me a whole different way to look at it. First of all, he wasn't mad or even upset with me. Instead, he said:

“You can look at it as a major thing or you can look at it as the ‘price of admission,’ meaning that $55 can be just what you contributed to having a fun afternoon with friends.”

So true right?

Everything is a mindset.

I can beat myself up, feel like it’s “not fair,” or generally put myself in victim mode that the ticket happened to me and let it overtake a fun afternoon with my girlfriends. 

Or I can look at it like it’s money well spent. Time and Money well spent...having a good time with friends, one of whom traveled from out of state. 

See? We all have money stuff. Yes, even me. A money coach. 

However, thanks to my amazing husband, we didn't fight about money. 

A true partner helps the other person to be better, and I am so appreciative of someone in my life who helps me to do just that.

By the way, as my Valentine's gift 💝  for you, I have created a money guide for couples. Usually this is a bonus just for members of the Financial Freedom for Creatives Club. However, just this month, I’m making it available to all of you lovebirds out there. Just sign up below to get it, before I put it back on the shelves. ❤️  



With so much Love,


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